Previously on Heroes: The villains united at Pinehearst under Arthur Petrelli, only to start killing each other at an alarming rate.  Sylar killed Arthur, but not before the Petrelli patriarch retrieved the Catalyst and injected a soldier with super strength.

Now it’s time to end volume 3, a series that started so promising with Angela taking control of the Company, and quickly devolved as great villains like Adam, Maury and Elle were killed off.  Will the finale set up a possibly exciting volume 4?

With Arthur dead, Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) shows up and, for some inexplicable reason, he’s now crazy. He’s picking up where his dad left off by injecting the soldiers with the Formula, and when Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) vows to stop him, Nathan threatens his brother’s life. I will give all the money in my pocket to whoever can provide a legitimate reason for Nathan’s sudden evil insanity. Peter punches his brother out goes into the lab.

Peter finds Mohinder (Sendhil Ramamurthy) and begs him to destroy the Formula. Mohinder is in agreement with Nathan that they can use it to help people, himself included. Knox and Flint barge in, wanting to destroy the Formula as well. Great, here we are at the end of “Villains,” and I still have no clue which side is good and which is evil.

Since I hate Peter most of all, I’m assuming he’s on the wrong side. However, I also don’t care for Nathan and Mohinder, so it’s hard to root for them.

Mohinder gets knocked down by a blur. Nathan is stirred away by his Super Soldier who promises to stop Peter. That plan is short-lived when Knox kills the Super Soldier. Not so super now. That victory is also short-lived, because Knox and Nathan get into a brawl that’s ended when Tracy (Ali Larter) freezes Knox and cracks him into a million little pieces. Wow, the death toll of villains in this episode is astronomical.

Once Peter and Flint finish rampaging through the lab, Flint turns on Peter and threatens to blow the whole place up. Nathan arrives to knock Flint out, then we starts beating up Peter. At this point, I give up figuring out who is on who’s side.

Flint stirs awake and sets off an explosion, so Peter injects himself with some Formula to regain his powers, allowing him to fly away with his brother to safety. Peter did it because he loves his brother, but Nathan would not have made the same choice and he flies away.

The blur that knocked Mohinder down was Daphne, speeding in to steal the Formula so Ando can inject himself and hopefully get the ability to travel through time and space to save Hiro. Instead, he gets the ability to amplify people’s abilities, so when he touches Parkman, he can hear the thoughts of everyone in the city, and when he touches Daphne, she runs so fast she goes back in time, just like Superman did in the movie.

Hiro proves he doesn’t need help as he crawls back on the rooftop and asks Young Hiro to help him find the original piece of paper with the Formula written on it so they can change the future. I can’t even wrap my head around the number of ways that would create a paradox that makes everything from the first three seasons totally meaningless.

They steal the Formula from Kaito’s safe, but Kaito finds them and engages in a sword fight with his future son. In the present, Ando and Daphne hold hands so he can super charge her all the way to 16 years ago, and they arrive to rescue Hiro just as Kaito cuts the Formula in half.

Since they can’t go back, Hiro and Daphne go to Pinehearst to steal the Formula again. They run into Tracy, who calls Hiro Pikachu. He’s had enough, so he apologizes before punching her in the face. They go back to the loft to rip up the Formula, but Hiro is still powerless.

Sylar decides to play a game of Saw by locking Claire, HRG, Angela and Meredith in Primatech and promising to turn them all into monsters just like him. I guess he got tired of cutting people’s heads open, so now Sylar wants to use psychological torture.

In other words, Sylar talks a lot while the four captives wander around questioning their actions. Sylar promises to release everyone If Claire blows Angela’s head off with a shot gun, to no avail. Elsewhere, HRG and Meredith come across some of the villains in Level 5, including that creepy puppet master. HRG uses them as bait to attract Sylar.

Unfortunately, Meredith gets trapped between Sylar and the puppet master, and when the fat man tries to control Sylar, he gets killed for his troubles. Sylar’s next Jigsaw-esque contraption involves locking HRG, holding a gun with one bullet, in a room with Meredith, who was injected with adrenaline so she can’t control her fire shooting. The only way for HRG to escape without burning to a crisp is to kill the mother of his Claire Bear.

Claire finds her dad and mom after a run-in with Sylar, and the three concoct a scheme to break out. Meredith softens the plexiglass wall with her fire, HRG puts a dent in it with his one bullet, and Claire jumps through the window, getting a giant shard of glass in her neck.

Sylar holds Angela hostage and he learns the truth about her motives. She pretended to be his mother so that she could manipulate him to do her bidding. Her life is saved because she knows the true identities of his parents, and they’re not a watchmaker and snow globe collector. While interrogating her, Claire comes up behind Sylar and drives a spike into the back of his head in the one point where he can’t recover so long as it’s stuck in his brain.

HRG, Claire and Angela escape, but Meredith can’t control herself any longer and bursts into flames, burning down the whole Primatech building in the process.



Three weeks later, Senator Nathan Petrelli meets with a mysterious man asking him to round up all the people with abilities and lock them away in a special facility. The man is played by Michael Dorn, aka Commander Worf from Star Trek: The Next Generation. As if that’s not awesome enough, Worf is actually the President! So Nathan and President Worf make a deal to hunt down and capture all the people with powers.

That will do it, until February 2 when volume 4, “Fugitives,” officially begins.


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