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Fans eager for the fifth season of One Tree Hill finally have a date to mark on their calendars: Tuesday, January 8. That’s when the gang will return with a special two-hour premiere before settling in to the show’s regular time slot at 9pm, following encore episodes of the new mother-daughter beauty pageant reality series, Crowned.

As every true One Tree Hill fan knows by now, the fifth season fast forwards four years, essentially skipping the entirety of college. However, producers promise that flashbacks will reveal some major events that occurred during those four years, and there’s even the possibility of having entire episodes taking place in that missing time. In some ways, the show’s time shift is reminiscent of Lost, which also introduced the concept of flashing forward at the end of last season. On the other hand, one is an Emmy Award winning and critically praised drama, while the other is a teenage soap opera starring teen pin-up Chad Michael Murray.

To whet your appetite for season 5, the CW has been releasing special clip packages that focus on each main star explaining where there character is at the start of the fifth season. Thus far, they’ve shown Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) and Lucas Scott (Murray), and additional installments are released every Wednesday.

Also building buzz for the new season of One Tree Hill will be the fourth season DVD, which is being released December 18, just in time for Christmas. That will give fans three short weeks to relive their favorite moments before getting underway with a brand new season.

If preview videos, flash forwards and DVDs aren’t enough, there’s always the fact that Kevin Federline will be appearing in season 5. It will be the rap icon/thespian’s first regular television series work since Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, the fustercluck in which UPN aired poorly shot home movies of K-Fed and Britney, pre-children. Of course, this assumes you don’t count his recurring gig as punching bag for professional wrestlers during multiple appearances on WWE’s Monday Night Raw in late 2006.

Even though One Tree Hill will be taking over the time slot formerly occupied by Reaper, that show’s fans need not worry. Though it will be temporarily removed from the CW’s lineup, the network promises original episodes will return at some point. Due the writers’ strike, the show was slated to air in reruns anyway.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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