Hell’s Kitchen always provides fireworks and it seems expected from Ramsay as we approach the Fourth of July. Will any of these cooks become independent? So far, they have the arrogance but not the skills. Also, will any declare war on Gordon Ramsay? We celebrate our independence from England but I’m sure Ramsay wants his independence from these cooks!

Let’s Celebrate

As the chefs celebrate their black jackets, Melanie tells us she has reached a milestone. As the day ends, the dorms explode with celebration and food. However, the phone rings; Scott answers and learns that they must return to the kitchens in their black jackets.

Ramsay smiles as they enter and announces that they will be going to an iconic spot in LA early the next morning. It’s so popular, people line up at 6:00 AM. How come I think it involves feeding the masses? Has he done it during breakfast at a restaurant before?

The next morning the chefs awake at 5:17am and leave in their black jackets. They are welcomed by the band as they arrive at the L.A. Memorial Stadium where they will prepare a tailgating event for 50 fans. It must be spectacular and appropriate for people earning their black jackets. They must prepare 50 portions in around 30 (or is it 45) minutes outdoors on grills: the fight is on.

Jason is doing pork belly sandwiches while both Scott and Melanie does fish sandwiches. Rochelle and Kashia are doing chicken. Joy will prepare a Philly cheesesteak. I hope she stays true to the theme! All are working hard and Jason is so hot, he’s celebrating the 4th with flames.

As the chefs start serving, the guests are told to rate the dishes from best to worse. Jason is working the crowd and Melanie gets told that her dish is the best. Of course, she rubs this in Jason’s face. The votes are in and there is a tie for first between Scott and Jason. Take that Melanie! They will be going to Saddle Peak Lodge in Malibu for a meal and wine tasting. The girls will be volunteering for recycling the garbage. It looks messy as the trash is dumped in the parking lot. Oh, and Mel found a lobster that doesn’t seem to be dead. She can’t take the heat though and runs off, scared.

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Service, Please

The next day all must work as one team but Jason oversleeps and can’t get up to speed. I think it’s called a hangover, Jason. Ramsay reminds them that they are now one team. He expects great service as JP opens the restaurant.

As the guests arrive, the chefs want to impress, but all look nervous. The first order is in and Kashia is going to be a leader (or is it loud?). Kashia goofs early by not bringing enough lobster tails to the pass. On the last appetizer, Scott messes up the risottos but admits it. He starts over and Ramsay questions his skill. Scott finally stood up for himself though. I guess talking to Andi helped. Kashia, however, messes up again with missing lobster tails. When Melanie comes to help, Kashia throws a fit, which earns them both a time out with Ramsay. He gives them some alone time and Melanie’s face tells us that that is the last thing she wants.

As entrees start, Rochelle has trouble cutting the chicken. Kashia’s first breakdown of the night is over halibut and being yelled at “every five minutes.” Kashia, it’s a kitchen. Ramsay yells. Get over it! Scott gets sent over to help Kashia. Wrong choice but finally the fish goes out. Now it’s the VIP wedding anniversary dinner and Ramsay is determine that the dishes be perfect. Of course, they’re not. Ramsay sends out some food but it’s the halibut again that’s causing trouble. Evidently, between Kashia’s inability to prepare the dish and Scott’s yelling at Ramsay, we get one mad Ramsay who gives them a lesson in common sense. As dinner winds down, Scott has two major mistakes to his credit (undercooked halibut and yelling at Ramsay). 

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The Aftermath and Showdown

Ramsay sends the chefs upstairs for a consensus on who should go. We know Scott will be a choice, but who else? Kashia immediately goes on the defense. Jason votes for Kashia but Joy won’t agree. Jason sees it as the girls sticking together.

Ramsay asks for the nominees and gets Kashia due to her breakdown over fish, aggressiveness and complete lack of fundamental skills. Ramsay calls her forward and tells her the station was a disaster. Kashia tells him she’s the underdog and had a bad day. Ramsay calls Scott forward. Ramsay informs Scott that he insulted him by yelling. Ramsay sends Kashia out of the kitchen. Ramsay tells her he has been impressed and to keep her head high.

Kashia tells us she didn’t have culinary training when she arrived but she has learned so much. She’s happy she made some friends and will continue to improve. Ramsay tells us Kashia isn’t ready to win.

Next Week

It’s down to the final five. Stan Lee comes to dinner (so that’s why we have the comic book). If Ramsay is the hero, which chef will be the villain?

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