Last week, the competition Hell’s Kitchen promised to provide featured a spot in a calendar and a black jacket to the winner. Unfortunately, Ramsay wasn’t happy with six of the entries. Will Joy’s dish win the coveted jacket or will he declare them all losers? And is Paul just the person to be meaner than Ramsay? I don’t think we will have long to wait for answers. So, let’s get with the latest episode.

And the Winner Is…

Rock is so helpful by reminding us that Joy has never cooked this dish before. Ramsay wants to know her inspiration. Joy admits she has never eaten a fig before preparing the dish. Rochelle thinks she has it made, but Joy still has evaluations to go. Paul likes it while Rock finds it balanced. Dana says it is delicious. Suddenly Rochelle’s lead turns to a loss as Joy wins 19 to 15. Not only will her dish be in the calendar, but she gets the black jacket and a meal with the judges.

Upstairs the Red Team rallies around Kashia, who misses her daughter. Now that’s team spirit!

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The Preps

All report to the kitchens and Joy joins the judges for a meal. JP watches the dishes but he’s not happy with the prep. Kashia delivers the dish and gets an introduction. Paul suddenly starts to choke and runs to the bathroom. Nicely stated, he had something caught in his throat. After a few minutes, he returns and the meal continues. The judges offer encouragement as they leave.


Scott’s jealousy shows as Ramsay arrives, Melanie has decided she’s a cheerleader who will rally her team. Whether they rally or sink, Ramsay wants a good night as he is hosting OxFam and their celebrity ambassador, Minnie Driver. OxFam has a special place in Ramsay’s heart. With these chefs, I hope he has lots of patience.

JP opens Hell’s Kitchen to the beautiful people. Minnie Driver and the OxFam table arrive and the tension mounts. The Red Team gets the first order and they’re off to the races with a good start. The Blue Team meanwhile has a meltdown when Gabriel sends up scallops before their time. I thought he’d miscount. The Red Team is working carefully together. They plan to send everything at the same time. Joy gets a “nice” on the risotto. The Oxfam’s table is up next and the two teams must coordinate and get the appetizers up at the same time.

Problems are looming. If these teams can’t work together, how can they work with the other side? Gabriel messes up the scallops for the Red Team but Ramsay sends the dishes out. Finally, the Blue Team gets their scallop dish out. Finally, team work.

Entrees start and it doesn’t look good, folks. While the Red Team take their time, Scott has a memory lapse which brings down Ramsay’s wrath. Kashia messes up her chicken cut but Ramsay sends it anyway. The Blue Team has a show off: Mel, with pink chicken. The cheerleader is upset as she starts over. I think this will be a long night.

It’s time for the OxFam Table and Ramsay wants the teams to work together. This should be interesting and I’m right. Both teams have trouble with the fish. First Gabriel puts salmon and halibut in the same pan which is a definite “no-no”. (And people wonder why I would eat here! Now you know.)

It looks like the fish station will sink both kitchens. Ramsay sends dishes out anyway, but the host, Minnie Driver, is without food. When the salmon come up wrong, Ramsay has a talk with Gabriel and Scott. Finally, Scott succeeds, followed by Gabriel. It doesn’t save Gabriel though as he is sent home as his salmon sink the team. JP follows him out to collect his jacket. Gabriel, I hate to see you go, but you just can’t count.

Ramsay comes out to greet the OxFam Table. As they joke, Minnie complains about grainy scallops. Ramsay calls her “Meanie” Driver and all have a good laugh. I always thought it was meanie Ramsey but what do I know. On returning to the kitchen, Ramsay talks to Mel and tells her to pull it together. Do I see the winner already?

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Ramsay calls the teams together and announces that Gabriel is gone. He’s not happy about the food for the OxFam table so no one is safe. Each team must nominate one person to leave and Scott is worried. He has a talk with Andi who tells him to always apologize and admit his mistakes.

The nominations are made and Jason has to tell Ramsay he is going up for the Blue Team. Ramsay is surprised but turns to the Red Team who puts up Scott. However, Ramsay says he wants to talk to Mel, who goes up only to receive a Black jacket. She is quickly followed by Kashia and Rochelle. As Jason and Scott come forward, they plead their case only to receive their black jackets. Come on. We all know they are safe. We have our final team of six. Ramsay tells them they’re part of an elite club and to celebrate.

Next Week

The team celebrates but the dark side shows up. Fingers are pointed and chaos reigns in the kitchen. And it looks like every member has a break down. 

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