What can we say so far about season 10 of Hell’s Kitchen? The drama can only get hotter! That’s right! Chef Gordon Ramsay is on the hunt for one lucky chef to hold the reigns of his Steak at Paris Las Vegas restaurant this season. Boys on the Blue Team and Girls on the Red Team, the stakes are being raised higher and higher at each failed attempt at a completed service.

There are 16 cheftestants left in the competition and they must prepare an all-American spread for some special diners. Sharpen those knifes, fire those grills, it’s up to the pass for more exciting reality TV kitchen chaos.

The episode kicks off with the teams sitting back and boiling over last week’s elimination. In front of her, the Red Team voice their hatred towards Barbie. She decides to throw her discomfort right back in their sleeping faces the next morning. The kitchen should be cleaned, so she does it … noisily. “I’m shaking in my boots,” says a wide-eyed Barbe to the cameras as a morning brawl begins.

Save the fighting for later, though boys and girls because Chef Ramsay has called both tams down to the kitchen. The dining room is full of singing guests. “America the Beautiful” is being sung by newly welcomed citizens of the United States of America.

Today’s Challenge: Each team must deliver an all-American meal to 60 brand new citizens. Whoever completes their lunch orders, consisting of California Cobb salads, grilled cheese sandwiches and other well known American cuisine will win the challenge.

Barbie starts the Red Team off in the wrong direction, firing off the main course before the appetizers are even at the pass. Thanks to Robyn, the girls come together and get back on track. The Blue Team isn’t so lucky, seeing that Royce has added mushrooms to a Cobb salad. Try again, boys! Guy and Clemenza clean up the mess.

Remember when Barbie was ready with the pizza entrees before the appetizers even went out? Well, now that it’s time for her dish, she is now holding her team up. Handing over a burnt pizza to Chef Ramsay, he expresses that he’d “rather flee the [expletive] country!” While the Red Team’s pizza is too cooked, the Blue Team’s pizza isn’t cooked enough. Not sure how Clemenza, a man who claims his family owns a pizzeria, manages this one.

“It’s go time,” says a determined Brian. Unfortunately, his raw sliders underwhelm at the pass. Patrick takes over on the slider station, receiving a “they’re nicely cooked” from Ramsay. Can they make up for lost time and catch the Red Team?

Winner: The Red Team

Now, the Red Team must join the Blue Team in order to help them complete their service. Talk about a slap in the face! As a reward, the Red Team will join Ramsay on a safari in the gorgeous cit of San Diego. The girls scurry off to pretty themselves for their ride on a private jet. As for the Blue Team, Patrick volunteers to step up as leader. These losers are sentenced to a day of Ballona Wetllands.

While the girls are “ready to rock out with their [insert slang word for male anatomy here] out” as Kimmie says, the boys must chop down a tree. Although, I think I would rather this than kissing a giraffe on the safari. Listening to Barbie’s insensitive apology for waking her team members up that morning over wine and dinner doesn’t sound very worthwhile either.

More importantly, the Red Team is confident about a promise made to Chef Ramsay that they will complete their first service tonight. During kitchen prep, Patrick is doing his best at stepping up to lead his failing team and Royce doesn’t it like it one bit. Every chance he gets, it looks as if he’ll be giving Patrick a hard time. “I don’t need one of my teammates telling me what to do,” says Royce.

Ramsay announces that James is tired of apologizing to guests for dissapointing services, so he appoints Tiffany for the Red Team and Don for the Blue Team as tonight’s waiters. Also, he gives Royce’s boss Ralph, former Hell’s Kitchen contestant, to give the young hopeful some words of wisdom. Let’s hope that this knocks some sense into him. “I’ve come with my A-game, baby,” he tells cameras.

The Blue Team has kicked things off on the right foot thanks to Royce’s risotto, but the Red Team struggles with soupy spaghetti thanks to Dana.

Of all the things that one would expect to see on Hell’s Kitchen is Don, struggling to spell the word “appetizers” on a ticket. “Congratulations,” praises Ramsay,” you just passed the 6th grade.” Soon after, Clemenza showcases his time-telling inabilities, yet manages to come through on the meat station.

Dana has her team back on track after fixing the spaghetti, but now the entirety of the Red Team must gaze upon Barbie’s failed attempt at, can you guess it, scallops. Mind you, this is for a table of firefighters. While the boys hit a brick wall with entrees, the women are able to figure it out, coming up on their entrees.

The entrees are proving to be a struggle for both kitchens. Clemenza searches for more Beef Wellingtons now that he only has two left. “I don’t have anymore,” he confesses. This is worse than the shoddy job being seen in the Red Kitchen. While the girls are cooking for firefighters, the Blue Team is cooking for the U.S. Marines. “The U.S. Marines!” yells a less than ecstatic Ramsay. These teams need miracles.

It is now 90 minutes into dinner service and Clemenza is holding up the entrees. “The baby rhino [expletive] over the Marines,” says Ramsay before sending the contestant over to the table to suggest a filet of fish. The intimidating table of Marines agrees, but what other choice do they have?

The Red Team is having just as bad of a night as Briana, Kimmie and Roshni are struggling to send out fish and garnish. The firefighters are surely growing impatient. Things go from bad to worst. Every piece of meat is arriving at the pass either cold, raw or overdone. “Get out!” shouts Ramsay, sending the girls back to their dormitory.

It is now up to the Blue Team. Can they bounce back and be the first to complete a service tonight? Yes! Entrees are delivered, immediately proving that they will win the night. Chef Ramsay send the women upstairs to vote for their two choices to be eliminated. Briana volunteers herself and somehow Barbie’s name pops up once again. “I’m gonna keep voting for Barbie as long as she keeps messing up,” says Dana.

Briana is brought before Ramsay for failed cod, Barbie for those darn scallops. Yet, there’s a catch! Ramsay announces that there is another contestant worthy of joining the two for possible elimination. Roshni is called last, being called “shocking.” Ramsay believes she is in “way over [her] head.” All three of them plead their cases, but who will get the boot?

Eliminated: Briana

“I need someone strong,” explains Ramsay. The next challenge will apparently separate the followers from the true born leaders. As stated before, it’s quite obvious who will stick around for the long haul and who makes it easy to see season 10 finalists.

Tune in tomorrow to witness the Red Team suffer a melt down and the Blue Team possibly lose a cheftestant forever when someone slices up their finger horribly. It’s shocking, but that’s what keeps us watching! Join us back here tomorrow for more Hell’s Kitchen on Fox!

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