On Hell’s Kitchen, chefs come, but most go. The Blue Team just can’t seem to keep it together. Even with the Red Team fights, the Blue Team loses. What will it take for them to win? Better yet, can they do it on this episode? 

The Dorms

After elimination, the girls celebrate (again) while most of the men laugh about losing DeMarco. Anton, however, questions his team’s attitude. The women also discuss their weakest link and too many individuals are looking toward the end instead of the next dinner service. One of the women has home problems, as an eviction notice has been served while she’s away. Well, we’ve heard their life stories, but will they actually do what they say if they win?

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The Reward Challenge That Wasn’t

Ramsay sees that both kitchens need a leader. A leader? They don’t understand the concept. He decides each team will have a captain for the night service. All go upstairs to discuss who should be the leader. Jason and Anton are mentioned for the Blue Team and Jason wants it. Gabriel decides that he is the captain. The Red Team has many trying to get the chance to lead. Of course, they do. They’re great!

Ramsay calls both teams down. The Red Team has a volunteer immediately — Melanie. She tells Ramsay she has great skills and is a strong leader. When? The Blue Team has Gabriel and Anton volunteering at the same. Ramsay chooses Anton. Anton volunteered because he has the most experience.

Ramsay calls Anton and Melanie to him and tells them to get their team started on their dishes. Anton thinks the Red Team is trashing the Blue team and dinner prep gets started. Both captains take control, but Gabriel is still mad at not being named captain. Ralph and Beth are having trouble. Beth realizes the others hate her and she walks out. Oh, a fight breaks out while the other ladies smirk. Even with dinner getting closer, Joy and Beth continue their fight with Melissa trying (I guess) to negotiate. Sandra gets involved and all reason goes out the door.

Dinner with Guests

Ramsay starts service and tells the teams that Red will cook for Elizabeth Perkins of Weeds. The Blue Team will be serving Holly Marie Combs from Pretty Little Liars and Charmed.

As the restaurant opens both teams pledge to take the other down. With Melanie in control, the Red Team members lose their voice. The Blue Kitchen has Anton showing some confidence but Gabriel is resentful. Hopefully a mutiny won’t occur. For once the Blue Team if off to a quick start while Beth serves raw lobster.

The VIP guests arrive and Holly remarks that it is hot in the kitchen. She doesn’t know how hot it can get! On the other side, Sandra is having communication issues. The Red Team finally gets appetizers out while the men mess up the VIP’s scallops and delivers the dish without Ramsay’s approval. While Holly laughs, Ramsay gets mad and finds no joy in the Red Kitchen either because of raw lobster.

As the men seem to go down in flames, the Red Team has a new leader (Joy). Ramsay notices that Beth is having trouble and calls her out on it. As entrees start to leave the kitchens, Ramsay fears problems from Kashia. She did her dish right but the captain, Melanie, has problems with the fish. The Blue Team has made their chef’s table happy with the entrée.

The teams push to finish the last ticket. The winning team is the Blue Team with Anton getting a well done. The Red Team must pick two for elimination. We all know Beth will be one.

Upstairs, the ladies discuss the nominees and jealous Jessica decides Melanie’s leadership was the problem. As captain, we wonder whether you can lead this team anywhere. Sandra gets called out on her communication skills and team spirit. Teamwork is an unknown factor on this squad.

In the dining room, Rochelle is asked for the nominees. Beth is the first due to her lack of control on her station. The second nominee is Sandra. What? Oh, they see she can’t communicate and doesn’t have a sense of urgency.

Ramsay calls both forward. Ramsay sees Beth as not having a voice and tells her she disappeared. She promises to give him a good service next time. Sandra tells Ramsay she is consistent and comes through. Joy shakes her head during Sandra’s speech and the rest agree with Joy. However, Ramsay sends Beth out the door. Beth worries that she won’t be better than she is now and just wants to go home and cry,

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Closing Thoughts

Ramsay tells all that he wants a leader and not a pretender. Melanie still sees herself as a leader and her team as being the problem. Anton feels confident. Sandra just feels like she’s been backstabbed. Ramsay tells us that Beth just couldn’t cook.

Next Week: Family Night! While the Red Team goofs, the Blue Team tries to burn the place down.

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