Hell’s Kitchen has only eight chefs left and it should be time for a party. Why not throw a Mardi Gras event in the restaurant? And to keep it interesting, let’s throw it in a high school! That’s scary because I remember the last time the high schoolers held a prom on Hell’s Kitchen. It wasn’t pretty for those involved.

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The Aftermath with a New Challenge

While Christine may be gone, new challenges await our fearless Hell’s Kitchen chefs. After a night in the dorm and Randy’s celebration, Meghan is scheming again. She’s going for the win and doesn’t seem to care who she takes out.

The chefs wake early the next morning and are called to the dining room. They come in to cheerleaders, a marching band and the football team of the Coyotes. The school is having a homecoming dinner for the school in the restaurant. They must come up with a tasting menu with a Mardi Gras Cajun feel and have 30 minutes to prepare their dishes. They must make a seafood appetizer, a chicken entree and a beef entree. The Homecoming Committee of three will judge the dishes.

Abigail, Georgia and Max judges the dishes. While Abigail and Georgia seem to find positives with everything, Max is hard to please. Milly and the Blue Team win the appetizer round, while Meghan wins the chicken entree round. It comes down to the final challenge of beef, with the Blue Team’s chicken fried steak against Michelle’s Red Team French-styled steak. The vote is split and Max decides. He has had issues with both dishes. In the end, the tough critic chooses the Blue Team.

Gordon Ramsay announces that the Blue Team will be spending the afternoons with swashbuckling pirates at a pirate-themed dinner adventure. The Red Team, showing how angry they are, must work under the critical eye of Max and the Homecoming Committee. If they thought Max was tough on the food, he’s even more demanding on set-up for dinner. The ladies are frustrated, and T and Michele are getting on each other’s nerves. The men, meanwhile, enjoy their dinner with the theater to themselves, surrounded with pirates and wenches. Maybe they can learn some fighting skills from the pirates to take back to the kitchen.

Dinner Preparation and Service

As the Red Team prepares for service, Alison is having problems with Meghan. The Blue Team seems to have it together, but they don’t have a voice. Nick doesn’t want to communicate, which is a bad thing. This could be a long evening, folks!

Ramsay arrives; he asks if the men had fun and is told yes. The Red Team gets complimented on the tables and Ramsay knows they wanted to wring the kids’ necks. Ramsay is expecting the teams to succeed as Marino opens the door for dinner.

The 120 students will have the winning dishes from the challenge and two new dishes including sliders. The Red Team gets the first order and T feels confident. Immediately, T sets the stove on fire. The Blue Team gets their first order and Josh is on appetizers. Why do I smell disaster? The good news is there’s no fire, but there’s too much wine. For high schoolers? What does Josh want? Ramsay jumps on his case about the alcohol. I agree, Ramsay. These kids are too young. As dinner goes on, Michelle is now getting on Alison’s nerves. Michelle does get the order out. The Blue Team, though, is having trouble with their capellini. Finally, both teams have appetizers leaving the kitchens.

It’s time for entrees and now Ramsay should be scared. What’s this? Milly’s stove is off. The fish is now behind. Meanwhile, the Red Kitchen has Meghan and Michelle getting in each other’s way. And we have our first bitch. The Blue Team’s first entree is raw, but Milly fights back. T is having trouble with her snapper, and who shows up to help? Meghan! She is everywhere and helping everyone to make mistakes. Meghan doesn’t think T has enough finesse to cook fish. Of course, Randy is missing the lobster from his gravy. The Red Team has too many cooks and the Blue Team has Nick trying to lead. Ramsay, please take control.

Okay, now both kitchens have had a fire. Is this a record for Hell’s Kitchen? The Blue Team is on their last order and finishes first. The Red Team is trying to finish their service. Finally, all the guests are eating, but is the service good enough for Ramsay?

The Aftermath and the Losers

Ramsay tells the teams that the Red Team won the challenge. The men must decide who to put up for elimination. This won’t be pretty. Immediately, Randy, Josh and Nick are on the warpath. Josh calls Nick “Suzy Homemaker” and I have to laugh. Everyone forgets Milly’s stove mistake.

The Blue Team has Nick nominate Randy and Josh. Ramsay asks both to step forward. Both plead their case, with Josh using the “Suzy Homemaker” reference for Nick again. When asked for a reason, Josh tells Ramsay that Nick isn’t strong. Ramsay sends Randy back in line. Josh takes his jacket off, but he’s not leaving. He’s now on the Red Team. And Ramsay charges Meghan to lead the Blue Team.

Next Time on Hell’s Kitchen

Fran Drescher shows up and the Red Team has problems cooking steak. Does Randy sabotage his team or will they go down to Josh’s schemes?

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