Happy day-after Bastille Day, everyone! Yesterday commemorated peasants revolting against systemic inequalities. Luckily, there’s no modern day Marie Antoinettes running around flaunting wealth today. Anyways, on this week’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim heads to London, Scott buys a title and Bruce is an awful traveling companion.

No Word If Kim’s Fragrance Smells Like Teen Spirit

Kim unveils her new fragrance across the pond, accompanied by Rob and Scott. Oh, and Yeezy’s in London on tour as well. Even while surrounded by family and friends, it’s not enough to prevent homesickness. She gets long-time pal Johnathan Cheban to just drop everything and cross the ocean with her.

Mixing Business Without Pleasure

Kris, Bruce and Khloe prepare for travels of their own. They’re headed to Boston on business, but things are already testy between Mr. and Mrs. Jenner. They’re swearing at each other over little things, like what car to drive. Khloe feels Kris is being too hard on Bruce. Reality check: your entire family’s full of petty human beings! Unless they want to give me a job. Then they’re cool. Please hire me.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: Scott’s An Awful Person

Scott decides he’s not respected enough while in London. Logical solution: treat those around you with respect. Scott’s solution: buy the title “Lord of the Manor,” get belligerently drunk in clubs and scream, “Lord Disick’s in the house, peasants!” Really wish this was a joke.

Oh, and Johnathan gets frustrated at Kim for making him come with her but not spending any quality time together. In other frustrated traveler news, it turns out Bruce is hell to travel with. He constantly berates Khloe and Kris for not sticking to their schedule and is generally the unhappiest of campers.

Everything Wraps Up Happily in the Last 10 Minutes? Shocking!

Kim makes nice with Johnathan spending a day with him, during which they visit the Eye of London. Scott returns to the States, which doesn’t recognize his royal qualities, and returns to his common life. Confession: I feel twinges of guilt writing “common life.” Khloe realizes that Kris may be right about Bruce’s high-strung temper.

Let’s talk about that for a second. For all intents and purposes, the Kardashians are a conventional “normal” family. A heterosexual couple and their children. Stereotypically, it’s the man who is responsible for providing for his family. Here, that role is inverted with Bruce’s wife and children getting all the cash. Maybe Bruce’s outbursts stem from frustration from not being seen as the breadwinner?

Okay, amateur psychology session over. This was an entertaining enough episode, with Kris getting more screen time than last week. It was nice seeing her and Bruce’s relationship examined instead of the usual daughter dominated episodes. Speaking of Bruce, do you think he had legit frustrations or just was lashing out with no reason? Comment and let us know!

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