On Hell’s Kitchen, there is one thing that you know always will happen — a cook goes power mad. This year, we’ve already seen our share with the unholy trio and Bryant. The previews would lead us to believe that Sterling does the same tonight. Will he shine or will he take the walk of shame on Hell’s Kitchen?

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The Aftermath

It’s funny how certain cooks on Hell’s Kitchen feel they are the best. Jennifer is so happy that she’s doing well and plans to get rid of Sterling. Sade, meanwhile, knows they are close to the black jackets and is focused on that goal.

Team Challenge

The chefs come downstairs to see a painter preparing an upside down painting of Gordon Ramsay. The speed artist has set up the challenge. Each must prepare two portions of a stunning amuse-bouche and they have 20 minutes to do it. It must be one small tasty bite. This challenge has caused many chefs to fail in the past.

In the Red kitchen, everyone seems to be focused on every dish but Sterling’s. LaTasha feels her dish is the best, while on the Blue Team, Sade thinks she has it in the bag. The Red Team must decide which dish to drop and Sterling’s isn’t appealing on the plate. Ramsay reminds them that taste is important but Sterling finds himself on the sidelines again.

The guest judge tonight in Hell’s Kitchen is Tanya Steel from Epicurious. Each dish will be scored on a one (bad) to five (excellent). LaTasha gets the Red Team off to a good start and Roe immediately sinks them with the taste of salt. Next up is Jennifer, who tells us that Roe sucks at creating dishes. Jennifer’s dish doesn’t impress and she doesn’t help her team.

The Blue Team starts with perfect Bryant who is creative but does have problems with the scallops. Santos’ dish takes too long to explain with too many ingredients. He does get a good score though. The Blue Team is only two points away from a win with Sade presenting her dish. While the judges worry about the ingredients, the judges love the taste giving Sade and the Blue Team the win.

The Blue Team will visit Catalina Island by helicopter and eat at the Bluewater Grill. The Red Team must deal with 200 coconuts — carrying them into the kitchen, draining the milk, and preparing it for the amuse bouche. While the Blue Team has fun, the Red Team has problems. Sterling seems to be losing it and Jennifer is sick. Could it be an allergic reaction? The medic sends her to the hospital.

Dinner Time

As dinner service prep starts, Jennifer returns to Hell’s Kitchen but still looks like she’s not feeling well. Ramsay wants a perfect service and he tells the Blue Team that it is the performance of their lives. Both teams have a black jacket riding on it.

The stars are out and the chefs need to shine. Sterling on scallops starts out perfectly but eventually sinks the kitchen. The Blue Team has Sade on appetizers and Santos on fish and the dishes are flying out of both kitchens. Sade, don’t pat yourself on the back too quickly as entrees haven’t been served.

As the Red Team finishes appetizers, the scallops are messed up and the table has to be redone. Sterling messes up again and Ramsay tells them to change stations. Check that. He sends them all out for a time out. When they return, Sterling is still on fish but it may be too little too late. Oh no, Lou Diamond Phillips has arrived. He’s quite the amateur chef. Maybe he needs to cook but the Blue Team has him at their table. As Sterling goofs again, he begs Ramsay for a second, third, fourth chance but Roe is now on fish.

As entrees start, Ramsay finds problems with the Red Team. Jennifer has so many orders she’s overwhelmed. She pulls herself together and entrees are leaving the Red kitchen quickly. The Blue table has Lou at the Hell’s Kitchen pass shaking Ramsay’s hand. But his dinner has problems. The Blue Team has messed up Phillips’ scallops. Santos now is having a time out with Ramsay. The Blue Team does manage to complete service before the Red Team.

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The Aftermath and Elimination

Ramsay calls the teams together. Hell’s Kitchen is never simple as he calls Sterling forward. Ramsay tells Sterling that he has been a good competitor but he’s not ready to be a head chef. Ramsay allows him to take his jacket and Sterling hugs Ramsay. Sterling hugs everyone as he goes to pack.

Each team still must nominate one person for elimination. It looks like Santos will be the nominee for the Blue Team while the Red Team has trouble deciding. Even Jenn’s allergic reaction comes into play as they decide.

At nominations, the Blue Team puts up Santos. The Red Team’s nominee is Roe. Both make their cases. Ramsay asks both for their jackets but they don’t leave. He has black jackets for them. The team challenge is over and they will be cooking as one team. Then Ramsay calls Jenn forward. The others fear her health will send her home but Ramsay gives her a black jacket also. LaTasha, Bryant and Sade are the final chefs to get their jackets and get congratulations from Ramsay. As he wishes them goodnight, they will only have a short time to celebrate.

Next week on Hell’s Kitchen

The final six appear to be behaving, but badly. Bryant is intense and Santos has a plan to take the others down. Well, he’s the only one left from the unholy trio. It may be interesting as we move toward the finale of Hell’s Kitchen.

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