Tonight on The Voice, two contestants will go home, narrowing the competition from 12 to 10. The bottom three will be revealed and, for the first time, will perform before the Twitter save will be implemented. Plus, Shakira performs along with Adam, Blake and their teams!

We predicted that, based on iTunes sales, Dani Moz, T.J. Wilkins and Bria Kelly will be in the bottom three. If this is the case, I hope that Dani will be saved, but with Bria’s massive Twitter following, she may be the one.

Let’s refresh on how the Twitter save actually works. Once the bottom three are revealed and have performed, viewers will have five minutes to tweet about who they want to move forward by mentioning that contestant’s name along with the hashtag #VoiceSave. Votes will be tallied and the contestant moving on will be revealed. 

West Coasters can play along by following the official The Voice Twitter account as they will be announcing for who and when the save will be used. 

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Did you vote? Who are you rooting for? Will you be joining in on the Twitter save?

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Team Adam (“Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel)

This is a bizarre but fun song choice for this team. They are all getting down with those mic stands. They are clearly having a lot of fun with it and that’s what it’s all about, right? 

Man, they are wasting no time getting to the results. 

Results, Part 1

Here we go. Okay, the first two singers who are safe are Josh Kaufman (duh) and Kat Perkins!

No surprises here based on the iTunes sales and sublime performances from last night. These two were in the top of my performance rankings from last night as well, so I am pleased so far. 

Carson reminds us that it is Earth Day and to turn off our lights while we watch our televisions. Every little bit helps, I guess, but my couch is very far away from my light switch. 

Adam wants everyone to do well. Shakira talks about Kristen Merlin’s mic going out and she reflects that Kristen acted like a total pro and that whatever happens, she will always be there for them. Usher is taking a bunch of selfies and is ready for America to take charge of the voting. Blake (and his denim jacket) wants everyone to know his vocalists are great human beings. Sweet.

Results, Part 2

America also saves Kristen Merlin and Audra McLaughlin!

The country gals are in! I hope Kristen got through for her talent but, regardless, deserved a free pass due to the mic issue. 

Shakira (“Empire” by Shakira)

Lots of fire and lace. I’m not sure about the lace bodysuit. I’m pretty sure she is lip-syncing over the chorus, but other than that she sounds awesome. She is a super different performer than she is a coach, that is for sure. Very sultry and seductive slash rocking out. Interesting combo.

Shakira takes her team to give back and do Starbucks community service at a school. Sweet, but they sure are packing this episode with a bunch of stuff. 

Results, Part 3

The next two artists moving on are Delvin Choice and Jake Worthington

Whoa, I’m a bit surprised by these two moving on so quickly. This means all the country singers are in. Delvin had a great vocal last night, but I didn’t like the rendition of the song. I look forward to what he will do next week.

Team Blake (“Put Some Drive in Your Country” by Travis Tritt)

Of course they do a country song. Though I’m not familiar with this one, it is super fun. I always feel bad for the vocalists who haven’t made it through yet and still have to perform. Sisaundra is so professional, though, that you wouldn’t know it. Audra and Jake seem to be having a blast since they are both safe and totally relieved. 

Results, Part 4

The next three artists moving on are Bria Kelly (surprise!), Christina Grimmie and Sisaundra Lewis!

Dude, this means all three of Adam’s vocalists move on and that two of Shakira’s vocalists could be going home. 

This also means Dani Moz, T.J. Wilkins and Tess Boyer will be performing before the instant save.

Instant Save Performances

T.J. Wilkins (“I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain)

I love the song choice, but he sounds a bit behind the music. He is really putting everything he has into it, falling to his knees and doing everything he can. Do you think it will be enough? Adam is pulling for Shakira to not lose two, so essentially not to vote for T.J. 

Usher gets the hashtag wrong, which forces Carson to have to give directions about how to do it again. 

Dani Moz (“Turning Tables” by Adele)

Dani also gets ahead of the music. I wonder if they are all having a hard time hearing out there. I think she has sounded better in other performances, but based on her other performance, I think she should move forward. I also feel bad that Shakira could lose two vocalists in one pop.

Tess Boyer (“Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson)

Yeah, she’s three for three having pitch and rhythm issues. Must be hard to hear. I love this song choice for her, but she seems so emotional and sounds a bit like she is shouting. Usher is rooting for her and Shakira is surprised to see her in this position. Shakira asks America to save Tess and didn’t ask them to save Dani, so that’s interesting.

Instant Save

It’s disconcerting but kind of cool that they are showing the percentages of the tweets for the instant save through the commercials! Do you all like following along? Looks like Tess is ahead right before the show comes back.

The artist who is instantly saved is …Tess Boyer

The eliminated contestants are Dani Moz (aw) and T.J. Wilkins

So Usher loses a singer and Shakira loses a singer. I’m glad Shakira didn’t lose two in one go. 

What did you think of the new changes to the show? And the scrolling save results and last chance performances?

The Voice returns Mondays for the Top 10 performances at 8pm on NBC.

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