Abby Lee Miller has decided that the ALDC (and Dance Moms) needs a change. Because she wants all the trophies, she has decided to have two teams competing. While for Abby this makes sense, her original team suffers. They lose Abby’s focus as she shifts her energy to finding and perfecting a new stronger team. Has Abby been paying attention? The original team has been winning left and right. When she leaves them, the team will lose their anchor and guide. Here’s proof that Abby Lee Miller already has her number one team. 


Of the girls remaining, Maddie, Mackenzie, Chloe, and Nia have been with Abby since they could barely walk. They are part of the original Dance Moms cast and are known by fans around the world. Yet, Abby has stated to the girls over and over that she will replace all but Maddie.

These young girls are much more than a dance team. These girls have served as friends and support before difficult performances. They celebrate each other’s accomplishments. When Nia gets a solo, they all cheer. When Chloe feels nervous before a performance, Maddie or Nia are with her to offer encouragement. You don’t find this loyalty and level of friendship when a new team is just thrown together.

With Maddie safe and on the new team, will she find friendship? Her history and ties lie with the old team. As the new members compete to become the top players, Maddie has no one to rely on. Due to the close bonds the original team has, Abby can’t duplicate this for Maddie.


Both Nia and Kendall have fought the odds to stay on this team. Nia has a health condition where she experiences pain. She has fought through this condition with the support of her family but not her coach. Abby doesn’t even acknowledge that Nia has a condition because she sees no cause.

Kendall’s mom has pushed Kendall’s dance career until you wonder why the child continues. With the studio hopping Jill has done, it’s a wonder that Kendall can even stay on a team. Now that Jill’s achieve television stardom for Kendall, she’s all about keeping Abby happy.

Both Nia and Kendall show determination for their own personal reasons. Even faced with dismissal, they’ve given their all for Abby and her dance company. This dedication comes out of the determination to succeed. Abby needs to recognize determination as Nia dances through the pain and Kendall deals with growing up. 


The girls and moms know that to succeed and get those wins for Abby, they must function as a team and have each other’s back. When they couldn’t retrieve costumes from Kelly and Abby threatened to cut girls from the routine, the moms worked together to design costumes for those in need. This determination for inclusion got Abby the win for the routine and kept the girls together.

The moms and girls know that success for Abby means teamwork. Whether this means hairpieces, costumes or being there to help each other out, this dedication has served Abby well with wins. Shouldn’t this be good enough for Abby and make her realize her old team is the best?

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Why a Second Team Could Destroy the Original

Abby demands perfection which means rehearsal. She’s already having trouble providing the necessary support for the original team for solos, trios, and a group dance each week. If she starts fielding two teams how will she achieve the same level of perfection for both squads?

The original girls have won 13 competitions so far this season. While Abby may have been looking for a new squad, she has been there to support the original team as they prepare to compete. This is why the team is successful. They may feel that Abby finds fault, but she’s there for them. With two teams, the teacher time and support will be decreased. Abby’s energies will be split and one team will suffer. Will favoritism raise its head? Will it be only team two? Abby should focus her energy on keeping the original team on track to winning the national championship.

It takes money and commitment to field dance teams. Abby is having trouble this year getting enough costumes for one group. What will it be like with two? Also the moms counts as a resource. While the original moms understand they must help, newcomer’s moms have not understood Abby’s expectations/demands at performances. Will the new moms pitch in like the original moms? Do they understand make-up and hair accessories are not provided?
Abby needs to accept that the old team and moms know what she expects. They’re there for her. Abby’s brought in ringers before and has been faced with unprepared dancers. Her original team are always prepared for any need.

Advice to Abby

These girls have given their time, energy and love. While it is important to win, it is also important to lose with grace and dignity. It’s time to think of the girls and what they have given up for the ALDC. Abby turning her back on the girls and creating a new team, tells fans Abby Lee Miller doesn’t care about the ones who have made her a success. Abby should review the performances from the mid-season finale. It wasn’t the team led by Maddie that got the applause. The applause went to the established girls as they took the stage.

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Linda Martindale

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