Last week on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Amber found out she was cancer free and decided she’d meet the twins, Dina and Melissa, for a Florida vacation. Oh, and Jacqueline filmed some scenes and Bravo tried to edit it like she’d been a part of this season all along, when clearly she’s been added for a ratings boost. Anyway, let’s get to the rest of this crazy vacation, shall we?

Gator Boats

The ladies in Boca Raton are getting ready for their day out on the swamp. Teresa looks like Gucci goes to the Everglades and Dina is the only one not wearing high heels. At the moment, Dina is regretting coming on the trip after her tense moment with Teresa A. She hates that she’s holding this secret about Rino and Teresa A.’s mother having an affair.

Teresa A. is a bit peeved at Dina too. But she’s going to try to make the most of their trip before Amber and Jim arrive to inevitably ruin things.

The ladies hold the baby gators, and Dina even wants to take one with no tail home to be friends with her dog with no front legs. On the airboats, Dina and Melissa race Nicole and Teresa A. The twins coo affectionately when a gator approaches them, calling him “baby,” even after their guide warns them that gators can leap up out of the water.

Never Ever Getting Back Together

Back in Jersey, Teresa Giudice is drawing pictures with Audriana. Joe tells her that Chris Laurita sent him a text wishing him well. He also wanted to make plans to get together and have a bottle of wine. Teresa says she’s been getting texts from Jacqueline as well. While it makes her emotional remembering how close they were, she doesn’t think she can really let Jacqueline get close to her again.

Although Jacqueline was reaching out to Teresa, she admits that Teresa hasn’t been there for her while she’s been going through things with her son with autism, Nicholas. Which makes me believe that Jacqueline only contacted Teresa in the first place because she has an incessant need to be on the inside and know what’s going on with everyone. I’m sorry that her son is having a rough time, but I’m really through caring at all about Jacqueline and her “storylines.”

Speaking of things I don’t really care about, Kathy and Richie are meeting their contractors (one of which is Kevin Jonas — because he does contracting now, I guess) at the construction site of their new home. Because the Wakiles are building a new home, and that’s important. I swear, if it weren’t my job to write about this show, I would fast-forward straight through this.

Later, Kathy has a family dinner at her house. Rosie tells them that she has broken up with her girlfriend, Ellen. She says she liked Ellen, but she wasn’t willing to go back in the closet to be with her. It’s nice to see Rosie’s traditional Italian Catholic family be so accepting of her life, especially her mother, Maria.

Richie brings up Teresa, Maria’s niece, and asks her what she thinks of their situation now that they’ve pled guilty. Maria says she’s always believed that when you don’t do the right thing, it catches up with you. Now all they can do is learn from their mistakes. But no matter what, they’ll keep the Giudices in their prayers.

The Giudices are having a family dinner of their own at Joe’s brother’s house. Joe’s parents make sweet toasts about how important family is and how they always have each other’s backs.

Here Comes Trouble

Amber is excited to go to Florida to celebrate her cancer-free test results. Jim says he’ll be nice to Rino because he’s a gentleman, but he’s not going to be able to talk to Bobby. Amber feels like she’s in a good place with Nicole and doesn’t want to start anything. She’s not going to mention what Victoria said. He thinks that’s a good idea because there’s no way it could end well for her.

Bobby and Joe are already in the pool when the ladies get back from the swamp. Nicole and Bobby start making out right away and then he throws her in the pool. Gross.

When Amber and Jim arrive, it’s a little tense, especially between the men, but they start drinking and things seem to be going well.

Dina pulls Amber aside to tell her that she knows about what Victoria Gotti told her and Teresa. She says that the twins didn’t want to know what the rumor was and Amber swears that she’s learned her lesson and she’s not going to say anything about it.

Inside, things start getting a little weird. Joe and Bobby are talking about how they talk to women and Jim chimes in by saying that when you love a woman, you should respect her and do what’s right for her. He says a man takes responsibility and makes a commitment. Nicole knows Jim’s just saying it to get under Bobby’s skin, but he’s making some valid points.

Bobby excuses himself in a huff. Nicole follows him to the bedroom and he yells at her for feeding into Jim’s crap, and then he calls her stupid and locks himself in the bathroom. Not cool.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Jim is getting more and more worked-up about Bobby. He says that he’ll never say Bobby isn’t a good man, because he is, but he needs to grow up. Then he tells Nicole that Bobby has said so many bad things about her and her family since they’ve been dating. Nicole wants to know, but Amber puts her hand on Jim’s arm to stop him. Jim keeps running his mouth, so Amber gets up and leaves. She says she’s not going there with the twins.

Both Amber and Nicole end up in the kitchen crying because of Jim Marchese. Teresa A. walks in and demands to know what he’s said. He gets in Teresa’s face, telling her that Bobby’s had a condo where he takes his girlfriends the whole time he’s been with her sister. That’s when Joe Gorga steps in. He tells Jim that he can’t talk to a woman like that. In his confessional, Joe says that they have a name for a guy who acts like how Jim acts and it’s “bitch.”

Amber somehow gets Bobby to open the door and she’s talking to him (very calmly) in the bathroom. Bobby says he’d never do anything to hurt her or Jim. Nicole comes upstairs all upset about what Jim said.

Bobby leaves the bathroom to find Jim and confront him. Dina tearfully begs him just to let it go and be the bigger person. Unfortunately, there’s no way that’s going to happen. And we’re going to have to wait a whole week to find out how this mess ends. 


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