For the third time in four weeks, the HoH competition on Big Brother 13 did not end within the live Thursday show. With Brendon gone, this week is very important, and it’s anybody’s game.

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The competition forces the seven HGs to go back and forth on a soap, slippery surface to transport water in a small cup into a big bowl. Once it’s filled and they can pull out a ping pong ball, they win. It’s identical to a competition Jordan played in season 11, but that one was with hot chocolate instead of liquid soap and a marshmallow instead of a ping pong ball. In that competition, Kevin beat Jordan, Michele and Natalie.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 13 spoilers.

I’ll post updates on how things are going as they come in over the live feeds, so keep refreshing to find out who’s ahead. All times are Pacific (aka Big Brother local time).

7pm PT: With the feeds back, it’s obvious that the bubbles and different cameras are going to make it hard to see who’s winning at any moment.

7:08pm: Porsche is the first to fall. Everyone seems to be going strong and is about even. This is going to be a hard one to update until the end.

7:15pm: Kalia is doing better than Adam, but it seems as though Jeff and Jordan are at the top. Again, due to camera angles and soap suds, it’s hard to tell exactly.

7:16pm: The best judge might be Daniele, who says everyone is “super close.” This is one tesne competition.

7:18pm: Jordan and, somehow, Porsche seem to be doing the best, but it’s very slight, with Rachel and Jeff right with them. It would be hilarious if “super floater” Porsche somehow won.

7:24pm: Indeed, Porsche seems to be doing a great job and is neck and neck with Jeff, with Jordan and Rachel also in the race. Porsche is playing it smart, keeping one hand over the cup so she doesn’t spill anything while going back and forth.

7:27pm: Adam wants a cigarette. I know he’s a floater who has no chance of winning at the end, but I love him for that comment. It might sound odd, but right after the ancient Greek veto competition (where he almost beat Jeff by running back and forth for 300 times), he immediately lit up a cigarette while Jeff was nearly out of breath. It’s a bad message for the kids, but, as a smoker, it makes me love Adam.

7:29pm: There’s really no way to tell. Jeff, Adam, Porsche, Jordan and Rachel all seem to be somewhere in the hunt. What’s clear is Kalia and Shelly are probably not going to win. The real test is the end game, using longer, slender fingers to pluck out the ball as soon as possible, and Porsche may have the edge over Jeff for that.

7:33pm: Jordan is getting soap in her eye, which could be her downfall. Jeff is about halfway, so we should have a winner a little over half an hour.

7:36pm: Jeff is throwing up, which can’t be good for his chances. Jordan needs a towel because she has makeup in her eye. This is very dangerous.

7:39pm: Despite his sickness, Jeff is still in the lead, though Porsche, Jordan and Rachel are still close. Adam, Shelly and Kalia are definitely behind.

7:45pm: The live feeds are cut off for about five minutes so far. Let the conspiracy theories begin! Is the vomitting and soapy eyes too much potential harm?

7:49pm: After about nine minutes of interrupted live feeds (during which time God only knows what happened), they’re back and Jeff is definitely leading the pack with Porsche close behind.

7:54pm: Jeff just keeps getting a bigger and bigger lead, and it’s his to lose.

7:56pm: As the bowls fill up to over two-thirds, things become clear. Jeff is definitely in the lead, followed by Porsche, Rachel and Shelly. Adam and Kalia should just quit now and Jordan stops to wipe bubbles from her eyes so often she keeps lagging.

8pm: Rachel is closing in on Jeff and Porsche, but despite a ton of bubbles in his lane and soap in his eye, Jeff is still the frontrunner as he has been the whole time.

8:01pm: Adam falls hard and Shelly even stops to help him. She might as well since neither has a real shot at winning this.

8:04pm: Jeff is almost definitely going to win at this point. Porsche and Rachel are still the only two others with a real shot.

8:09pm: Nearing the  end, and the status is the same as it has been for most of the game. Jeff is leading, Porsche and Rachel are keeping it competitive and the other four don’t have a prayer.

8:21pm: Jeff wins!


I guess it’s about time a guy won, but now we’re in for a rather dull week. Jeff has an alliance with Jordan, Adam and Shelly and he wants to keep Rachel safe as a shield so people will vote out her before him. That only leaves three people: Daniele, Kalia and Porsche. One of them will definitely be leaving.

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Jeff has said a lot about wanting to target floaters, so let’s see if he does that or if he goes after Daniele, who is definitely NOT a floater. Neither is Kalia, really, since she did win an HoH, but I don’t think Jeff will care about that. Nor will he care about the fact that Shelly is the biggest floater of them all.

I think he’ll pull a Daniele and nominate Porsche and Kalia (Porsche because she’s a floater and Kalia because she nominated him). Then he’ll leave open the possibility of backdooring Daniele if he needs to or can. Of course he might be worried about Daniele’s Veto Ticket, because Jeff may not want to risk Daniele winning the PoV (she is definitely playing with her Veto Ticket) and saving Kalia, forcing Jeff to probably nominate Rachel as an alleged pawn.

Whatever happens, I would like to welcome Jeff to the Five-Timers Club, since this is his fifth all-time win on Big Brother (he got one HoH and two vetoes in season 11). There are only 11 other people who have that many, most of whom did it across two seasons, including Rachel, Brendon, Daniele and the all-time leader, Janelle.

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