Hell’s Kitchen has 15 chefs left and one looks to be headed to the hospital as the episode wrapped up last week. We have always known that stress plays a role in these things, but I always thought the stress affects Ramsay more than the chefs. Tonight may prove interesting as Ramsay will be looking for perfection with chefs who aren’t up to the job. The burning question is: is Jennifer able to continue?

Dorm Life

The chefs make it back to the dorms and Jen collapses. As Jen’s team worries about her, they question whether they can continue. The Blue Team has Bryant suffering from a bad service. While the Blue Team sleep, the Red Team wait up for Jen who has been treated for dehydration. She vows to stick it out in Hell’s Kitchen regardless of what she faces.

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The Graduation Challenge

When the chefs arrive downstairs, a graduation is occurring with the keynote address by Chef Gordon Ramsay. While he inspires the graduates, he puts pressure on the chefs to prepare the perfect brunch for the graduates and their families. They must do juice, a fig salad, eggs Florentine, French toast and crepes. The first team that finishes wins an reward while the loser won’t be having any fun.

The Red Team starts off slow but finds their rhythm. The Blue Team quickly gets their appetizers out but Bryant slows the kitchen down with the spinach. Surprisingly it is Sterling who steps up and rallies his team to get food out. It’s neck and neck as the teams close in on a win. The Red Team wins by a sausage (poor pun!). Their prize is a trip to San Francisco and lunch at a two-Michelin star restaurant with Dominique Crenn and Ramsay. The men meanwhile must hand grind and prepare sausages. They must also prep both kitchens.

What’s this? I thought I was watching Hell’s Kitchen and not Big Brother. We have an alliance forming on the Blue Team. Aaron, Steve and Santos have decided during a secret meeting to take out Frank, Bryant, JR, and Sterling. The dead weight has to go for the team (actually them) to succeed. Why do I smell disaster brewing? Oh, because an alliance always leads to potential trouble on any reality shows.

Dinner Time

While the Red Team seems confident, Steve, Santos and Aaron are ready to put their plan into action. Their planned victim is Sterling. As Marino opens Hell’s Kitchen, all teams appear to regroup but we quickly see that the conspirators are at work. The Blue Team is not working together while the Red Team is. Unfortunately, the ladies don’t understand the concept of timing. Roe’s risotto is up on plate, while the scallops are late. The Blue Team can’t seem to get the beet salads up at the same time as the risotto. Could it be the conspirators at work?

As the service progresses, each team has problems. Kalen and Roe are bringing the fish station down while Frank realizes that the Blue Team has problems on the meat station. His “I told you so” will come back to haunt him. The Blue Team needs to realize that their team has three members intent on causing mayhem. When two dishes are returned, conspirator Santos finally gets called on the carpet. He shouldn’t’ have gloated. Ramsay gets in his face and Santos thinks he has joined the army with his responses.

Things continue to go downhill for the Blue Team. JR can’t cook pork but Santos starts celebrating too early. He and half of the Blue Team are kicked out of the kitchen. While Steve is ecstatic that he survived dinner service, he did lose Santos. Santos has alliance and has to stay no matter what.

The Red Team is working at full speed and serving dishes. Both teams finally serve all. Aaron is so happy that he survived and their plan worked. Wait a minute. Ah. He realizes it wasn’t a complete success. I don’t think the three conspirators know how to scheme. Maybe they do need tips.

The Aftermath

Both teams have weak links that Ramsay sees but the losing team is the Blue Team. The ladies are warned not to celebrate because they have no reason to feel like they were the best.

Upstairs the men try to decide who will go home. While the alliance protects their own, I’m beginning to think that Frank smells a rat. Suddenly, conspirator Steve’s name comes up on the nominee list and others start changing their vote to Steve. JR argues that Steve deserves to be up as much as anyone else but the alliance holds fast. It comes down to a non-alliance member, Fernando, to cast the last vote. What will he do? Santos does try to bully, but will it work?

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Facing Ramsay

Ramsay calls on Aaron for the nominees. The team’s choices are JR and Steve. Well, one conspirator gets put up for elimination. Ramsay calls the two front and center but isn’t through. Frank must face Ramsay too. When asked why he is nominated, Steve says he doesn’t know. How about… you couldn’t cook? Frank gets called out for walking back and forth with his hands behind his back. I agree with Ramsay that that was a first in Hell’s Kitchen. JR is up for raw pork. Ramsay sends JR packing because Ramsay feels that JR has given up. Conspirator Steve has a smirk as Ramsay takes JR’s jacket. I wish Steve had gone because I hate alliances in a kitchen. They ruin the food.

In confessionals, Steve realizes he must up his game while Frank is just thankful for remaining in the game. The Red Team sees that the Blue Team is falling apart. They’re going to take advantage of it. Will they realize that a conspiracy exists before it hits the Red Team as well?

Next Time:

Family Night comes early on Hell’s Kitchen and the Blue Team think they have it. Kalen again looks to have problems and the ladies get into a fight in the dorm. With punches threatened will a fight erupt?

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