Dance Moms had a new number one last week when Nia placed first in the overall category. While Jill could have cried with Kendall’s second placement, she seemed as happy as Holly over the win. Will Dance Moms offer any surprises this week as we head to the yearly recitals? Will there be any surprises? Of course, there will be with Abby Lee Miller around.

Pyramid Time

It’s recital (excuse me, showcase) time for the studio and everyone on the Dance Moms cast gets crazy due to multiple numbers. This week’s group meeting leads off with a pep talk by Abby on the importance of the week. Kamryn will be performing and Christi almost blows up.

Abby congratulates the team then starts the pyramid. Chloe is on the bottom due to her injury, which Christi sees as unfair. Chloe is joined by MacKenzie. Kendall is on second row, which upsets Jill, with Maddie. At the top is Nia because she got her first place award. With Kamryn in the mix, Christi is seeing red.

The group routine is “The Heist” and it isn’t just one dance style. Jill’s upset that they must learn a new routine this close to Nationals. Abby announces that the showcase will be a memorial service for her mom. “The Story of Maryen Lorrain: One for the History Books” will determined the National solos.

During the showcase, each elite member will get 45 seconds to showcase their best work. Is this fair? No, but it’s a typical Dance Moms move. Abby is going to judge each as they perform. Maddie has a solo for Nationals. Kendall is being eyed to take Maddie’s place in the future. With only two National solos, Abby’s upped the ante.

Rehearsal and Observation Room

The girls are rehearsing “The Heist” as Abby pushes them harder. The sane Dance Mom, Holly, is worried about the stress on the girls. Kamryn is up front while Chloe ends up in back, which upsets Christi. Oh no! Christi is going to prove the rumor that Abby tried to change the judges’ minds. Calling the judge, Christi confirms that Abby did try to pressure the judges to give the top spot to Kamryn. Well, we knew this, didn’t we? Dance Moms has always had this hint of Abby’s partiality as an element of the show.

After rehearsal, the girls leave to find Abby in a dunking booth and they throw balls at her. The money will go to a charity she set up in honor of her mom. All the girls miss until they rush the tank and send Abby into the brink. Kendall sees Abby as a sea creature and so do I.

Technical Rehearsal

Abby’s pep talk before tech is putting stress on all the girls. Abby’s producing/directing the show in a professional style. When Chloe limps out of rehearsal, Christi gets nervous. She wants Chloe to go to the doctor, but Chloe wants to dance. Evidently, Christi wins as Chloe comes in with a boot on her foot. It is a break and she must wear the boot for one week. Christi (and us) knows that Abby is using the showcase to decide solos. Does Chloe really stand a chance?

As each of our fearless Dance Moms gives their daughters a pep talk, Kamryn and her mom are determined to showcase a dance performance. They want a solo at Nationals. To both, competing for Abby is in their best interest. This upsets Christi, who calls them out.

Chloe shows Abby’s the X-ray, but Abby doesn’t buy that Chloe will be able to compete at Nationals. During the group number, Abby seems upset because the dance is unbalanced with Chloe out. Sarah is brought in but isn’t allowed to dance, which sets Christy (with a “y”) off. As Christy complains, Abby tosses Sarah off the dance. As Sarah cries, Christy gives her a pep talk that slams Abby. The typical recital stress is getting to everyone.

During the buildup to the performances, Holly encourages all the girls. Nia is determined to get a solo, but Holly is worried. Nia does good and Kendall takes the floor and Jill knows the routine has room for mistakes. Kamryn is running her dance and her mom knows that she’s the favorite. MacKenzie always has had a solo and Melissa is worried. The group dance is still not up to Abby’s standard and the moms are worried. At least Abby didn’t yell at Nia.

The Showcase

“The Heist” looks good on stage. You can see the tears in Chloe’s eyes as she watches the routine. She admits that it’s hard to watch the others perform. Nia knows that Abby is the ultimate judge no matter how they perform. As the girls get ready to do their dance, Abby gives her usual Dance Moms pep talk, which destroys more than encourages. Each girl gets 45 seconds and each makes the most of it. Nia and Kendall do well, but MacKenzie and Kamryn have some problems with their dance. What’s this? Maddie and MacKenzie get into a fight backstage.

Christi and Chloe talk about the importance of dance to Chloe, who wants to dance with her friends. Abby comes in with critiques. She wants the best to win. As the dance teacher, she knows what she wants. Abby doesn’t want any pressure from our Dance Moms at the party. Each mom looks over the critiques with the girls. Kamryn has a lot, but it’s obvious to Holly and Nia that her chances at a solo are nil. Christi offers Nia encouragement, but everyone knows it’s a lost cause.

Curtain Call

The girls dance and Abby takes the stage. A party follows and Abby talks emotionally about her mom. I finally see Abby break down with true emotion.

Next Week

We’re off to Los Angeles with Christy and Christi. Guess who else is there? Cathy is ready to take on our Dance Moms again. 


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