Spoilers ahead.

This is the way the world ends … with a brother-sister bang, or an innocent baby’s whimper?

Apologies to T.S. Eliot for the way I just butchered his line. But it’s the Dexter writers, not me, who named their season 6 finale after the end of his poem, and who made a possible incest plot (ewww!) and Harrison’s endangerment (nooo!) the two biggest cliffhangers going into the episode. So they’re the ones who should be sorry. At least, they will be sorry if either of those threats (brother-sister baby-making, or lion-costumed baby-killing) become realities. It won’t be T.S. Eliot that I’m butchering then.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Take a look at the trailer and two sneak peeks from Sunday’s Dexter finale, “This is the Way the World Ends,” and judge for yourself whether, on the incest and murder fronts, the episode is headed for twist-filled awesomeness or disgusting disaster:

Dexter Season 6 Finale Preview: “This is the Way the World Ends”

So, let’s review the list of threats (that we know of) in Dexter’s way for Sunday’s finale:

  • Deb might find out that he was the one in the “ring of fire” and somehow put it all together that Dexter is a serial killer.
  • Deb might find out that it’s Dexter’s face on Travis’s painting of The Devil and somehow put it all together.
  • Deb might not put anything together about Dexter, but only because she’s too busy hating herself for wanting to have sex with him.
  • Deb might actually attempt to have sex with him, and then he’d probably have to kill himself.
  • Travis might kill Jamie. Not that big of a deal, but kind of annoying that he’d need to find a new babysitter.
  • Travis might kidnap and kill Harrison.
  • And, if he does, Deb might finally realize that everyone who’s ever been connected to Dexter ends up dead at the hands of a serial killer, and somehow put it all together.

Oh, I forgot the whole thing about how Travis claims the world is going to end if he succeeds. Let’s just assume that one’s not a real threat.

Sneak Peek 1: “He Just Left”

I have a little song for Travis, and it goes like this: “You can’t kill a baby in a lion costume. You can’t kill a baby in a lion costume. YOU CAN’T KILL A BABY IN A LION COSTUME.”

Sneak Peek 2: “Last Tableau”

I think I figured out why Deb has so much trouble with men. Remember last week when she thought that staring really closely at Dexter’s mouth and getting a chopstick tutorial from him was sexy? And see how, this week, she stands all close to him and gets turned on while they’re talking about a serial killer who is four hours away from (he thinks) bringing about the end of the world? Yeah. I rest my case.

“This is the Way the World Ends” airs Sunday at 9pm on Showtime. How do you hope Dexter season 6 ends? Here’s my wishlist: Travis trades Harrison for LaGuerta and kills LaGuerta, then himself. (Professor Gellar’s and Miguel Prado’s ghosts high-five each other.) LaGuerta’s dead body falls off the top of the skyscraper and onto Quinn, who hits his head on the concrete and when he wakes up, he’s not a completely useless scumbag anymore. Deb finds a new therapist and gets on Match.com instead of trying to bone her own brother. Dexter goes back to actually killing bad people, which I almost forgot was the premise of this TV show.

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