A couple of weeks ago, we gave you a rundown of colorful personalities that are rumored to be on the upcoming season of Donald Trump’s The Celebrity Apprentice.  Although these names are just rumors at this point since NBC hasn’t released an official cast list yet, some of the said contenders have actually confirmed their participation while some have denied their involvement on the realty series.  Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild, has recently dropped from the list amid concerns from the program’s sponsors, who are reportedly worried about his recent legal woes, which included a 12-month stint behind bars on federal tax evasion charges.  Additionally, rumored Apprentice participant Heather Mills has also been “fired” before she ever set foot in Trump’s boardroom.

According to The Sun, Mills, ex-wife of Paul McCartney who joined the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars, was in talks to appear on the second season of the NBC reality show, but was dropped after she demanded that her contract include a clause that would guarantee her a spot in the finals.

“The network was originally very keen on getting her involved,” an NBC source told The Sun.  “They thought it would be a clever move, attracting lots of publicity for the show.  But her demands were ludicrous and it soon became clear that getting her involved would be a headache.”

“It was the final straw when she said she wouldn’t take part unless she was a dead cert for the final — even after it was explained that wasn’t how the show worked.”

In addition to The Sun, Access Hollywood also confirms that Mills “did not make the final cut.”

“There are no deals about who will make the finals,” the source told Access Hollywood.  “The show is not fixed.  Trump fires whomever he wants to.”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Sun, Access Hollywood
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Kris De Leon

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