Let’s hope that, starting tonight, on America’s Next Top Model, the girls find something else to talk about besides Isis.  It’s only the fifth episode and already, I’ve heard every ignorant comment there is about her.  Perhaps if some of them would focus more on modeling than gossiping, they wouldn’t find themselves close to the bottom each week.  Tonight, the girls get their first opportunity to walk the runway, but they’ll have to do it blindfolded.  When they do their photo shoot, they’ll have to pose with their eyes.  What this has to do with anything, I don’t know, but I’m hoping that a model falls or crashes into someone.  With fingers crossed, I’ll be here for the entire hour updating live.  Keep refreshing and post your thoughts, too!

Hannah is so rude.  There must not be people in Alaska because she certainly doesn’t know how to talk to them.  She told Analeigh and Marjorie to “stop the pity party” after they said they were worried about getting eliminated. 

Miss J. is having the girls walk in high heeled bowling shoes back and forth on a bowling alley.  I don’t think any of the models I saw at Fashion Week walk like this.  Their walks are pretty dreadful. 

Oh, here comes the Isis comments.  Clark wants her to go home and some of the girls are making fun of her.  Get a hobby, Clark.

Runway challenge!  Tonight’s designer is Jeremy Scott and the girls are excited but there’s a twist – they’ll be blindfolded.  The winner gets a photo shoot modeling Kira Plastenina for Seventeen magazine and can bring two friends.  Always a tough choice.  Also, someone’s getting eliminated right after this!  Pressure!

Okay, did anyone else laugh at Samantha’s freakout over someone getting eliminated?  I kept freezing it on her face and laughing.  I literally did it like 4 times.

Oh no!  Samantha lifted up her dress on the runway even after Jeremy told her not to.

Challenge winner: Joslyn.  NICE!  She deserves it.  Eliminated: Hannah.  Her walk wasn’t strong enough.

Mr. Jay wakes up the girls at the crack of dawn.  The shoot is happening right at the house.  Easy, right?  Today, they’re only shooting the from the nose up and focusing on the eyes.  I actually think this shoot sounds cool and it will be interesting to see who performs well.  Tonight, my fingers are crossed for Analeigh.  I don’t want to see her in the bottom again!

I don’t want to see that Tyra Mail picture again.  Just a thought…

Pictures I like at panel: Sheena, Lauren Brie (look out for her!), Clark, and Samantha

Pictures I don’t like at panel: Joslyn, Marjorie, Isis, McKey, Elina, and Analeigh (dammit).

The winner of tonight’s photo challenge is Clark.  Her picture is displayed as digital art in the house (otherwise known as the worst prize ever).  After that the names that are called are: Analeigh, Lauren Brie, Sheena, McKey, Marjorie, Joslyn, and Elina.  Samantha and Isis are left in the bottom and I’m worried for Isis.  Big time.

Yup, Isis is going home.  Tomorrow, she and Hannah will talk to BuddyTV in exclusive interviews.  Don’t miss out on hearing what these two controversial models have to say for themselves!

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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