Hawaii Five-0 season 3 may be off for a short winter break, but it looks like the show will be coming back with a bang when episodes start up again in a couple weeks. Check out some cool spoilers about what’s to come in 2013. 

Warning: The title says it all, there are indeed spoilers ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Flashback to the Beginning

First up, TV Guide reports that we’ve got what sounds like a pretty awesome episode coming up. The episode, which is reportedly set to air later in the season, is actually a direct prequel to the pilot. 

Talking about the episode, executive producer Peter Lenkov said, “The flashbacks take place hours before the pilot began in Korea. You’ll get to see McGarrett in training as a Navy SEAL. The idea is that McGarrett had actually gone into North Korea with another Navy SEAL, a man who saved his life and was killed there.” 

With news like that, we have to wonder: will we see other familiar faces as well? “We’re hoping to bring back one of the Hesse brothers,” Lenkov says. “We’ll see what actually happened with Hesse in Korea.”

Danny’s flashback was one of my favorite episodes of this season so far, so I’m very excited to see some Steve flashbacks. Sounds like we could be gearing up for one heck of a season finale. 

Chin’s Past Bites Him in the Ass

Chin has definitely had it rough in the beginning of this season, what with losing his wife and all. But recently we haven’t seen too much on the show that suggests he’s suffering all that much from that trauma. TV Guide reports that he may not be doing as well as we all thought. 

Lenkov said, “He’s been keeping all this anger suppressed and you find out that he’s been channeling it in an interesting way. The team thinks he’s moved past [Malia’s death] and found a good place, but you’re going to find out … he hasn’t been sharing what he’s feeling with his family. And you ask yourself: Why?”

What about Chin’s revenge killing of Frank Delano? Well it looks like that act won’t go unpunished for much longer. “That’s going to come back to bite him in the ass,” Lenkov teases. “There’s going to be payback for what he did.”

Oh boy, sounds like poor Chin is in for a lot more emotional trauma this season. 

What do you think after reading about what’s to come in Hawaii Five-0 season 3? What do you think will be revealed when we flashback to the prequel episode? Do you think Chin can make it through more trauma okay or will it tip him over the edge?

Hawaii Five-0 airs Monday nights at 10pm on CBS. 

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Michelle Carlbert

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