As if the Troubles aren’t bad enough, now Haven has a serial killer on the loose? Add to that a super-secret militia, killer water sports, secret millionaires and past-life regression and you get… Actually you get a pretty normal — although excellent — episode of Haven.

Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Back in the Water…

The Trouble of the Week in “Over My Head” is water. Killer water. In a seaside town, this is not a good thing.

It all begins with a hydrophobic man’s swimming lesson in the world’s smallest public pool. The guy’s fears turn out to be justified when his nice, “You won’t drown!” swimming instructor gets eaten by an invisible shark. Later on, Mr. Hydrophobia is proven even more correct when he drowns in his shower.

The water-related Troubles keep on going from there. A man with a suspiciously French-Canadian accent gets hit by a tidal wave in his car. A friendly neighbor suddenly finds himself covered in swarming crabs. Duke is suddenly soaked and drowning (don’t worry — Audrey does mouth-to-mouth to save the guy). What could it all mean?

Via a surprisingly thorough investigation, Nathan and Audrey (but mostly Audrey and Duke) figure out that the usual swimming instructor, Daphne, is missing and has a connection to all those affected by the water. Everyone, that is, except the French-Canadian guy in the car.

His connection is soon revealed when our heroes find the man bleeding to death from a tiny wound on the leg. Before he croaks, the man reveals that he ran another car off the road and left the driver for dead on the coast.

Audrey, Nathan and Duke find the car — with Daphne alive and freaked out — but only Duke can get there quickly. He manages to avoid her Trouble (which is manifesting her own drowning fears on anyone she thinks might save her, by the way) and instead sticks his hand in her water-logged blood. Thus rendered silver-eyed, Duke rips off Daphne’s car door and carries her to safety.

Is it just me, or does Duke kind of have the most awesome Trouble ever?

Wait? Why Was Duke Hanging Around

Despite being rather irritated with “Why don’t you kill a guy?” Audrey after last week, Duke is all smiles and helpfulness in “Over My Head.” We only find out the reason after he saves Daphne: Duke wants Audrey to see that destiny is self-made. He isn’t a killer like his father. Duke just wants to help.

As usual, Audrey doesn’t totally buy this.

Being Lucy

To be fair, Audrey is a little distracted throughout this episode. Thanks to some Internet-learned hypnotherapy from Claire, Audrey suddenly starts having visions of herself as Lucy. She’s walking on the beach and finding the remains of the Colorado Kid in each one.

This isn’t very helpful, unfortunately. Other than the information that the Colorado Kid is some previously unseen guy (and not Nathan — there goes my theory!), we learn nothing.

Eventually, Audrey’s visions translate into vivid dreams. In one, we see that memory-erasing barn found by Audrey 2 last season. Then Audrey wakes up, only to find Agent Howard in her apartment, demanding that she stop remembering.

What’s up with that?

Haven’s First Serial Killer

Unless you count the Troubled, of course…

Nathan and Detective Tommy investigate a woman murdered with a bolt-gun. She has been scalped. This means that the killer now has a nose and a wig. Ew. Double-ew when we see that scalp at the end, placed on a hairdresser’s dummy and getting combed.

Is the killer trying to build a new Audrey or something? How creepy is this going to get?

Oh, and the serial killer has one of those funky, Duke-killing Trouble tattoos.

Let Nathan Join the Club!

Following up on the serial killer’s tattoo, Nathan tracks down a member of the mysterious “Guard.” She turns out to be a nice girl named Jordan who wears gloves and works at a diner. Jordan isn’t terribly interested in talking to Nathan, but she is worn down by the Chief’s insistence.

Jordan doesn’t actually give away much about the Guard. But the fact that Nathan can touch her hands — which cause screaming pain in anyone else — softens her a bit. Jordan agrees to at least talk to her people about letting Nathan in on the secret.

Whoa. Nathan is totally Jordan’s Audrey! Competition!!!

Vince and Dave Have a Lot of Secrets
What has Tommy been doing throughout all of this?

For the most part, Haven’s newest detective has been sparring with the town’s oldest newspaper men. Because Vince and Dave like to know everything, they find out that Tommy has an Internal Affairs file back in Boston and is therefore UP TO NO GOOD.

But Vince and Dave didn’t figure on Tommy doing some investigating of his own. Detective Bowen quickly learns that the boys don’t just own the newspaper — they own half of the town. And they have millions of unexplained dollars hidden in offshore accounts.

This rattles the boys. Everyone agrees to stay out of everyone else’s way. For now…

Will Audrey remember more about being Lucy? Why shouldn’t she remember? What is the serial killer doing? Will Nathan get into the Guard? What are Vince and Dave up to? Is there any show in the history of TV ever that inspires more questions? Let us know what you think below!

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