Tonight marks the start of Glee‘s hiatus until November 8, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be without news until then. In today’s roundup, a soundtrack hopelessly devoted to Grease has been announced (including the track list and cover art). Plus, get the latest on the return of Quinn, what Darren Criss is saying about Klaine after the breakup episode and find out if Finn will be getting a new love interest.

Glee Announces Grease Album

At the end of “The Break Up,” we got a sneak peek of what’s coming up when the show returns next month. And Grease is the word, as McKinley High will going back to the ’50s for this year’s school musical. And because it’s such a big event, Glee is releasing a whole album devoted to its music called Glee: The Music Presents Glease, which will be released on November 6 (the actual Grease episode will air a week later on November 15). And according to the press release, “In addition to the Glee cast favorites, the release also features this season’s newcomers, as well as special guest Kate Hudson.”

If you want to know which songs are making the cut, take a look at the track list below, as well as the cover art:

1. Hopelessly Devoted to You
2. Born to Hand Jive
3. Greased Lightning
4. Look At Me I’m Sandra Dee
5. Beauty School Drop Out
6. Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)
7. There Are Worse Things I Can Do
8. You’re the One That I Want
9. Summer Lovin’

The final track, “Summer Lovin’,” has already been performed on the show, at the start of season 3 by Mercedes and Sam. It is unknown at this time if that’s the same recording that will be on this album, or if it’s being re-recorded, similar to what they did with “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Teenage Dream.”

In the below promo, we can see quick teasers of what to expect when Glee takes on Grease:

Ryan Murphy recently told The Hollywood Reporter that “Grease is episodes five and six. Some of the things that people have always remarked to me that they love is when we do the musicals, elections and graduation, so we’ll probably always be doing those three things every year and rooting [the show] in events.” After realizing that not everyone was familiar with the songs featured in the West Side Story episode last year, he wanted to put viewers back on familiar ground: “We all grew up with Grease and kids still watch it and love it.”

The Return of Quinn

Glee has already brought back Puck, and last week, we saw the return of Santana in a very serious and emotional episode packed with breakups and sort of breakups. We still have yet to see some of the other graduated characters, like Mike and Mercedes. But what about Quinn? E! Online got the scoop straight from Jane Lynch, who is reassuring all Gleeks out there that she’s definitely not leaving.

And E! has a source who says, “Quinn might make a triumphant return to interact with someone that is very familiar to her. You know, a certain blond, bitchy cheerleader whose name rhymes with pretty.” Some fans have made note of the fact that newbie Kitty on the Cheerios is essentially a replacement for Quinn. So it’ll be very interesting to see the two come face to face. Are you looking forward to that encounter?

After the “Breakup,” According to Darren Criss

Having a long distance relationship no doubt put a huge strain on both Kurt and Blaine, with Kurt trying to carve out a new journey in New York City and Blaine still at McKinley High feeling lonely without someone to be with. The latter even admitted to being with someone. How far did he take that affair? “It’s very open-ended,” Darren Criss told TVLine. “We don’t know who this person is or what this decision was.”

He goes on to say that “I would love to see [Kurt and Blaine] be a part of each other’s future relationships. … If Kurt meets someone new and they are having some problems, I hope Blaine is the person that Kurt calls and says, ‘This is really tough for me.’ And vice versa. If Blaine meets somebody, he goes to Kurt. That happens in real life with all kinds of relationships. You create a bond with someone and regardless of what happens, in the end the bond is there for the rest of your life.” If their breakup is indeed permanent (it wasn’t confirmed in the episode if they actually broke up), do you think Klaine will still remain friends and be supportive of each other?

A New Love Interest for Finn?

I bet that got your attention. A new love interest, you say? While Cory Monteith doesn’t believe that Finn and Rachel are completely over with (because, really, it’s Finchel, for crying out loud), eventually someone new will most likely make her way into Finn’s life. Executive Producer Brad Falchuk says, “The idea is yes, it’s interesting to have him find someone. I don’t know if it has to happen so soon — certainly not in the first nine or 10 episodes — and we don’t know who it’s going to be yet. But we’re kicking around a few ideas.” Since Brad says it won’t happen until at least the back half of season 4, that’ll give Finn some breathing room between relationships and hopefully allow him to focus on figuring out what he wants to do with the rest of his life (which, according to the above promo, includes him directing the Grease musical).

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