After Jake’s body drops in front of Brooke, Sheriff Acosta puts the school into lockdown and questions the students in Scream season 2 episode 5 “Dawn of the Dead.” Good idea? Bad idea? Whichever it is, it leads to some wild moments.

Here are the craziest moments from “Dawn of the Dead.”

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Emma Finds Jake’s Phone in Her Backpack

Scream 205 1.pngWho put it there? She says she emptied her bag last night at home and it wasn’t there, meaning someone at school had to put it in there: the killer.  

Kieran’s Worried When He Finds Out the Police Are Searching Lockers — He Has a Gun in His

Just as he’s about to get away with going to his locker and getting his backpack (thanks to a distraction from Audrey and Zoe and with Noah as his lookout), he’s caught by the deputy and the gun is found.

Kieran Tells Sheriff Acosta About Emma Finding Jake’s Phone

It’s his dad’s gun, and he carries it to protect himself and his friends, Kieran tells the sheriff. The sheriff says he’s willing to let it go, but he of course wants something in exchange. “I want an in, and you’re going to get me there,” he explains. “Or you’ll be arrested, put on probation and kicked out of school.”

Emma and Haley Fight It Out

With Haley talking about how the police let Emma go even though she had Jake’s phone because her mother works for them, Emma has enough and confronts her. “Piper butchered eight people but magically didn’t touch a hair on your head … Then you shot her in the face so we only got your side of the story,” Haley claims. “Her whole family is crazy, aren’t they? Anytime there’s a killer loose, somehow there’s always a crazy Duval left standing!” Emma slaps Haley after that, and the fight begins. They have to be pulled apart.

Ms. Lang Locks Emma in Her Office

Scream 205 2.pngEmma’s experiencing multiple PTSD triggers, the teacher explains. “Grief, anxiety, fear — heightening your fight-or-flight response.” Locking her in doesn’t seem the best course of action. (Ms. Lang later claims she just wanted to make sure she was safe.) Emma then hears a noise outside, the killer calls her phone to say, “I’m coming for you,” and she finds the doors locked. When she opens the blinds, she sees the killer. After Emma breaks the window with a chair, there’s no one in the hall.

After Audrey Grabs Stavo’s Tablet and Shows Everyone His Horror Drawings, the Students Turn on Him

“They’re just drawings,” he insists. “It’s not what you think. … It’s a fantasy. It’s not real life.” By the time the police break it up, Stavo’s on the ground, bleeding.

Stavo Has a Warning for Audrey When She Offers to Pay to Fix or Replace His Broken Tablet

“Stay the hell away from me or I’ll break something you love.”

Noah Steals Audrey’s Phone — and Sees the Messages She’s Been Getting

Scream 205 3.png
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