Season 7, episode 2 of Pretty Little Liars found the Liars fondly reflecting on the past, as the present was too difficult to deal with at the moment. When Hanna returned, she and Caleb decided that their moment in the motel was just them regressing to their past selves and to let it go. Hanna went on to take a trip down memory lane with Jordan, which forced her to take a hard look at her relationship. Meanwhile, as Aria reunites with Ezra, Liam’s return forces her to reopen old chapters from her past as well. Check out the best quotes from episode 2, “Bedlam.”

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“Many families have secrets. Most families, in fact. And sometimes, those secrets are actual people. Imagine that.”
⁃ Mary

PLL702-1.jpg “I’m pretty sure she didn’t get out just to get into the resort business.”
– Caleb about Mary

PLL702-2.jpg “Spencer, can I have something stronger than coffee in here?”
– Hanna

PLL702-3.jpgHanna: “Where does that leave us? Back to where we started?”
Caleb: “Well I guess that depends on how far back we want to go.”

PLL702-4.jpgEmily: “Maybe we should tell Elliot.”
Spencer: “Tell him what, that we told someone his wife killed her own sister? Who’s actually her cousin? I mean, he’d lock us up.”

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Caleb: “Hanna’s like an aircraft carrier. A lot of firepower, but difficult to maneuver.”
Spencer: “Yeah, well I guess they call ships ‘she’ for a reason, huh?”

PLL702-6.jpgHanna: “Lucas, why are you doing this for me? You could be out building a private spaceship or something.”
Lucas: “The private spaceship market is a little overcrowded at the moment.”

PLL702-7.jpg “Hanna, not making a decision — that’s a decision.”
⁃ Lucas

PLL702-8.jpgAria: “Look, I think we both saw this coming.”
Liam: “Apparently one of us saw it before the other.”

PLL702-9.jpgElliot: “I am [Ali]’s husband and her doctor.”
Spencer: “Maybe that’s not the best combination.”

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“I’m sorry Aria, I have a very low tolerance for condescension.”
⁃ Spencer

PLL702-11.jpgJordan: “What’s the meaning of this?”
Hanna: “It’s hostile takeover.”
Jordan: “Of what?”
Hanna: “Of you.”

PLL702-12.jpgEzra: “This book means as much to Liam as it does to us, and that’s why he wants to work on it.”
Aria: “It might mean as much to him, but it doesn’t mean the same things.”

PLL702-13.jpg “Well, we can’t all be Nabokov. Some of us can’t even manage Nicholas Sparks.”
⁃ Ezra

PLL702-14.jpg “Hanna, I would move heaven and Earth for you. You know that, don’t you?”
⁃ Jordan

PLL702-15.jpg “That’s really all any of us needs, is a little tenderness in the right moment.”
⁃ Mary

PLL702-16.jpg “I’m me because of what has happened, what I have done and who I love. I like that person. That me. Mess and all.”
⁃ Aria

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