Thirteen people have already met their deaths on Harper’s Island, and could they have been the lucky ones?  On the next episode of the thrilling series, things get even worse for the remaining occupants of the area.  Despite their own fears, the guests try their best to stay brave and look for Madison on “Seep.”

We last saw the Harper’s Island wedding crew hoping to leave at last.  However, Abby (Elaine Cassidy) gets an untraceable call from the missing flower girl Madison (Cassandra Sawtell), and everyone must stay behind.

Previously on “Gurgle,” three deaths occurred – Deputy Garrett (Aaron Pearl) at the police station, Cole Harkin (Dean Wray) outside his home, and J.D. (Dean Chekvala) at the pier.  He finishes off the episode and brings light to the title’s meaning, as his guts spill out – literally and figuratively – with Abby watching.  Blood drips from J.D.’s mouth with a gurgling sound, upon revealing the truth that all the deaths have something to do with Abby.

Knowing the rising dangers of staying on the island, the survivors are panicking and turning on one another to save themselves.  The title “Seep” seems to point towards their recent discovery of maps in the island’s underground tunnel system.  When the guests find them, they continue their hunt for Madison’s abductor.

With the sheriff (Jim Beaver) injured and the others ready to go, will any of them get to the bottom of the mystery?  Abby finally realized that the murders started once more when they all arrived for the wedding of Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Trish (Katie Cassidy).  Even so, what the killer really wants is her.  The only problem is, Jimmy (C.J. Thomason) won’t give her up that easily.

“Seep” is the ninth episode of Harper’s Island, which means there are four installments of the series left.  Since there are sixteen remaining guests and we’re doing the math now, could it be possible that “Seep” would be killing off more people than it should?  Everyone’s wielding a gun now, and Cal already mentioned before that armed, restless individuals are more likely to shoot their friends than the actual suspect.  Could he actually be right?

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