The second season of HBO’s True Blood premieres Sunday, June 14 at 9pm, so get ready for another round of sexy, gruesome vampire action.  Season 2 offers new characters, new directions, and new surprises.  Back with a vengeance, True Blood is as viscerally enjoyable as ever.

HBO released four video clips from the new season that help to set the stage for many of the major dynamics in season 2.  Sookie and Bill are having their own problems while Bill is still trying to keep the vampire world out of his relationship.  Jason is off to Bible Camp, dumber than ever, and Tara continues to be manipulated by the quaking pig lady, Maryann.

In this first clip, Sookie finds out exactly how and why Jessica, the bratty teenage vampire girl, is staying with Bill.

In the second clip, Maryann lays into Tara’s mom for being an awful human being.  We still have no idea what Maryann’s true motives are, but I’m guessing this is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black.

The third clip offers a look at what Jason’s up to, getting involved with the vampire-hating Fellowship of the Sun church.  If you’re one of those middle America Bible beaters Megan Fox wants Megatron to destroy, it’s best to avoid this subplot, which promises to skewer the entire premise of Jesus Camps.

As an indication of how dumb and easily manipulated Jason Stackhouse, I present my favorite quote of the season 2 premiere: “I’ve been reading your father’s book, and it’s really making me…umn…think…about things.”

In the final clip, Bill meets up with Eric, sporting a new, slicker hair cut and a track suit.  Eric is looking damn fine, and this scene also highlights just how tall he is (or how short Stephen Moyer is).  It looks like Bill is gonna have trouble keeping Sookie safe once again.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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