The fifth season of The Closer kicked off last night with an episode that saw the team investigating a quadruple murder that may be linked to an FBI case. Of course, there were some notable changes this season and lead star Kyra Sedgwick dished out what’s in store for her character Brenda Johnson now that she’s married to her FBI beau Fritz (Jon Tenney).

“The theme this year is change, and obviously there’s change in the fact that she’s married, and she’ll have to be married to her job and her husband,” the Closer actress explained. “There’s obviously talk about having a child, which is challenging for Brenda: believing in a universe that’s friendly and benevolent enough and safe enough to have a child.”

Meanwhile, Sedgwick also revealed some of the guest stars who would grace the new season.

“One of the things I’m most excited about is Mary McDonnell [from Battlestar Galactica] comes on and plays an antagonist for Brenda. It’s really great for Brenda to have a female antagonist, I think. And Lee Tergesen from Oz. We’re trying to get someone great for the next episode. I don’t know who it’s gonna be,” she said.

But The Closer isn’t Sedgwick’s only show on TNT. She and husband Kevin Bacon, who directs an episode of The Closer each year, are currently developing a new series for the network which is tentatively called Zapata, Texas.

The new series, Zapata, Texas, has a similar premise to The Closer but will have a male lead instead—a further expansion for the female-dominated TNT brand. The show centers on the story of a high school football star whose dreams of NFL stardom are crushed by a torqued knee. When he returns home to find his father, the town sheriff, has fallen ill, he resolves to take his place.

“He ends up taking over as the sheriff of this biracial border town. So he has to navigate the politics of small towns and the politics of the law there. It’s a character-driven piece, with issues of law and order,” Sedgwick said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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