Harper’s Island is like a TV version of classic horror films with a serial killer on the loose killing off characters one by one.  Twenty-five characters began the series but week by week they’ve been killed off in all kinds of gruesome and creative ways..

When all was said and done, 29 characters were killed off during the 13-episode run, including 21 of the 25 major characters.  That’s a lot of death, but the primary serial killer had help.  Take a look back at all the carnage and mayhem from Harper’s Island.


Harper’s Island Finale Deaths:
-Danny Brooks (Brandon Jay McLaren) This groomsman was a good man, and he died while fighting off Wakefield in the prison in order to let Shea and Madison escape.  Since they are two of the ones who made it off alive, his death was not in vain..
-Trish Wellington (Katie Cassidy) Being a bride is hard enough, but when you’re running through the forest in your wedding dress and your future husband tells you he’s secretly a psycho killer who murdered your father and countless other friends and family members, it has to take the cake.  Marriage might feel like a knife in the stomach, but for Trish, that was the way her life ended..
-Chris “Sully” Sullivan (Matt Barr) He survived longer than any other non-killer, but in the end, after Henry revealed that he was the real killer, Sully met a bitter end courtesy of his best friend from childhood with a literal knife to the back.
-John Wakefield (Callum Keith Rennie) The sheriff didn’t kill John Wakefield, and after leading a massive streak of death behind him, Wakefield was betrayed by his accomplice and son Henry.  But in a sick way, you have to imagine he was proud of his boy.
-Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham) Henry, the groom, was the killer all along, working with his father, John Wakefield, to fulfill his childhood dream of spending his life on the island alone with Abby forever.  He killed everyone else and locked her in a house, but in the end, she was turned off by his psychotic nature and, thanks to an assist from Jimmy, Abby was able to shove a sword right through him and kill her childhood friend, half-brother, and the real killer, Henry Dunn.

Harper’s Island Episode 11 Deaths:
-Nikki Bolton (Ali Liebert) Now that John Wakefield revealed himself as the killer, he wasted no time barging into the bar and stabbing Nikki with a sword.
-Shane Pierce (Ben Cotton) After stabbing Nikki, Shane tried to fight Wakefield, but got cut, stabbed and hung up, dying while letting the women escapre.
-Deputy Lills The church bells rang out and everyone gathered at the church, where the last remaining law enforcement agent on the island was found dead.
-Cal Vandeusen (Adam Campbell) Cal and Chloe tried to escape from Wakefield on a bridge, but the killer caught up to them, stabbed Cal and threw his body into the river.
-Chloe Carter (Cameron Richardson) After seeing Cal die in front of her, Chloe decided that Wakefield wouldn’t get to kill her, so she jumped off to die in the river and be with her fiance Cal.

Harper’s Island Episode 10 Deaths:
-Officer and Pilot The Washington State Police finally arrived, but were instantly shot and killed by the killer, dressed as the sheriff.
-Maggie Krell (Beverly Elliott) The townie and owner of the inn thought she was safe, but after leaving the bar, she was quickly captured and hanged.
-Sheriff Charlie Mills (Jim Beaver) Everyone thought the sheriff was the killer, but he was actually being used by the real killer, John Wakefield, who wasn’t really dead.  Wakefield lured Abby back to the inn where her father was waiting, and after explaining everything to her, Wakefield used a trap he set to kill Abby’s dad just like he killed her mom..

Harper’s Island Episode 9 Deaths:
-Beth Barrington (Amber Burycki) A trail of blood led the survivors into a series of underground tunnels where bridesmaid Beth’s dismembered corpse was found.
-Katherine Wellington (Claudette Mink) The bride’s stepmom spent the night sleeping on a couch, but in the morning, she was discovered with a pair of garden shears stabbed in her back.

Harper’s Island Episode 8 Deaths:
-J.D. Dunn (Dean Chekvala) He was arrested after being the lead suspect for the killings, but escaped after the deputy was shot.  We made his way to the marina, but was shot himself and died shortly after telling Abby that the killing was all about her..
-Cole Harkin (Dean Wrat) While trying to help the sheriff, Cole got two arrows in the chest and was left dead to be burned..
-Deputy Garrett (Aaron Pearl) The lights went out in the police station where Shane and J.D. were locked up and the killer arrived with a shotgun blast to kill the deputy..

Harper’s Island Episode 7 Deaths:
-Malcolm Ross (Chris Gauthier) Malcolm’s secret about taking the money and watching as Booth died came out, but before he could tell the truth to the cops, he went to the basement to burn the money in the furnace.  Too bad for him the killer was there to slice and dice him.

Harper’s Island Episode 6 Deaths:
-Richard Allen (David Lewis) The bride’s brother-in-law was the prime suspect in this episode, which meant he had to go.  While rushing to call his lawyer after it came out that he was having an affair with his wife’s stepmother, he was run-through in the torso with a harpoon..

Harper’s Island Episode 5 Deaths:
-Thomas Wellington (Richard Burgi) At the rehearsal for the wedding, a booby-trapped chandelier fell on the father of the bride after Abby turned off the lights, killing him.

Harper’s Island Episode 4 Deaths:
-Joel Booth (Sean Rogerson): The nerdy groomsman’s death is somewhat questionable.  While trying to hide the money he and his friends took from Hunter’s boat, a shot is heard and Booth then collapses from a gunshot to his leg.  Malcolm was also there, though neither guy seemed certain whether the bullet came from the gun Booth had or the serial killer, possibly using a sniper rifle.

Harper’s Island Episode 3 Deaths:
-Hunter Jennings (Victor Webster): The bride’s ex-boyfriend, he came to the island to try to win her back as part of her father’s scheme, but it failed.  In the third episode he drove off in a boat with the money he was given to leave, but the engine stalled.  When he went to check on it, his boat was booby-trapped and a rifle shot him.

Harper’s Island Episode 2 Deaths
-Lucy Daramour (Sarah Smyth): One of the biridesmaid’s, this socialite went for a late-night stroll and fell into a pit.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the killer then doused her in gasoline and threw a match on her, burning Lucy alive.
-Kelly Seaver (Ana Mae Routledge): This townie was haunted by memories of her mother’s tragic death at the hands of serial killer John Wakefield.  She was disturbed and was hanged.  Some suspected suicide, but it was the killer.
-Reverend Fain (Terrence Kelly): The man who was supposed to marry the happy couple was strung up and decapitated.

Harper’s Island Episode 1 Deaths
-Uncle Marty (Harry Hamlin): The life of the party, the groom’s uncle went for a walk at night and fell through a bridge.  While he was dangling, the killer came along and chopped off his lower half.
-Cousin Ben: Before the wedding party even makes it to the island, the bride’s cousin was tied to the bottom of the boat with a breathing device.  He was positioned so when the boat started and the propellor’s spun, he was dismembered.

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