With change comes even more change, and Ugly Betty is starting to prove how much it’s gone through for this season.  Even though there’s a significant drop in ratings for the show, there’s still some fight left in it to survive the move to Friday nights.  It’s probably because series creator Silvio Horta and his ideas for the show’s growth.

Horta explained to TV Guide how Betty’s character has been changing over the seasons.  This time, it was a big decision to take up her physical appearance at last.  However, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end there if the show is indeed given more time.

“I think it’s gradual; I don’t think you see a huge transformation; it’s a step,” Horta said.  “During the first two seasons, she was Homely Betty.  Season 3 she was working at a fashion magazine, so she was inheriting some nice clothes, but she just doesn’t know how to put it together.”

The Ugly Betty creator had to work things out with the show’s star, America Ferrera, and both agreed that it would be best for their TV heroine to transform on her own.  “It was important to me and America that the change not come because someone says, “You need to change.”  I think the look is still her.”

There’s always been change on Ugly Betty, and part of the character’s life is how she deals with situations surrounding her.  A huge bit of the storyline is, of course, Betty’s romantic life.  Unfortunately, Silvio Horta is zipping his lips tight on that subject.  Well, not quite.

“Matt’s not going away.  He took the job at Mode because of her.  When people are happy together, it’s hard,” the creator explained.  “Conflict makes for better writing and better TV.  Nobody wants to see people hanging out being happy.”

Another bit of conflict for Betty might come in the form of Daniel (Eric Mabius).  Horta has declared in the past that the two will not end up together, but this time he isn’t even sure yet.  Apparently, even the creator has undergone a huge wave of change.

“At this point, I actually know what’s going to happen.  I thought I knew when I made that quote, but you re-evaluate and reassess.  What I said before may or may not still be true.”

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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