Hannah Montana: The Movie has all the makings of a Disney flick: a heroine kids can relate to, track after track of danceable music, and friends from the animal kingdom.  In this case, it has ostriches.  At a recently held press conference, Miley Cyrus and Jason Earles talked about some embarrassing moments behind the scenes, one of which was the actor’s brush with the birds.

For Hannah Montana: The Movie, Jason Earles has a scene with a rather irritable feathered cast member, who ended up biting him in the face.  Describing the ostrich as “a 6-foot-tall prehistoric bird with a brain the size of a bottle cap,” the actor recalled how he had to deal with the animal for the first time.

Earles said that the trainer handed him the bird on a leash and then told him, “Don’t pull on that [the leash]. He doesn’t like that.”  Afterwards, all that the actor had on his mind was “Please, God, please don’t let him bite me … and the first thing he did was bite me right here,” Earles explained, pointing to his nose.

The ostrich might have stolen the spotlight right there, since the scene was actually included in the movie itself.  Hearing the story, Miley Cyrus exclaimed “And they used the part when you got bit!”

Those who can’t wait to see an ostrich peck Hannah Montana’s brother on the nose might enjoy the clip below.  It’s a series of bloopers and outtakes from Hannah Montana: The Movie, filled with bugs and even more crazy animals.  And it’s not just the ostriches or the horses.

“I’ve befriended some of the chickens and I want to take them home with me now,” Miley says on the video.  “All the other stars walk around with their little dogs; I’m going to have my little chicken.”

Don’t miss Hannah Montana: The Movie as it hits US cinemas on April 10.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Disney, ET Online, LA Times
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Maria Gonzalez

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