Since it looks like Ryan Eggold won’t be too busy with his role on 90210, he’s signed up to join the CW’s upcoming reboot of the memorable spin-off series, Melrose Place.  This seems pretty unusual because of his rather harsh comments about the idea.  Still, a job’s a job, and the actor has made up his mind.

“It’s looking like I’m gonna be on both,” he told TV Guide.  “That would be kind of cool, because I’m gonna be the teacher on 90210, and [we’ll see] more of his personal life on Melrose Place as a 20-something guy.”

Fans didn’t think it would be possible given the actor’s initial reaction to the news of a Melrose Place revival.  Back in February, he was interviewed by Digital Spy and admitted that reusing old material for television had him worried. 

“I have two thoughts,” he began.  “My first is that it’s extremely depressing that there’s no original content to be made.  Hollywood seems to be out of ideas and just taking old things that have worked and redoing them.  I know there’s writers out there with new material, so it just seems lazy to take old shows that have worked and do them again.”

“But then again it’s a business, so I get it from that standpoint,” he continued.  “You know, any remake is a new show – because every cop show has the same premise, and every teen drama has the same sort of premise.  So I have mixed feelings about Melrose.”

Even so, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. E ggold is currently working on his character’s complicated relationship on 90210.  There’s the whole business of Ryan dealing with Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), a character who has been prominent on the original and spin-off series.  How their romance would work into the cross-over isn’t evident as of now, but the idea seems pretty unlikely since Garth has already (and firmly) refused to join the Melrose Place remake.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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