While Billy Ray Cyrus has once captivated the world of country music, his daughter Miley Cyrus has massively surpassed his fame with her exposure on Hannah Montana, the Disney series about a girl who lives a double life as a famous pop singer at night and an average teenage school girl during the day.  In spite of all glitz and glamour that come with stardom, Billy Ray still considers himself as her daughter’s best friend.

On the hit series Hannah Montana, Miley (Miley Cyrus) and Robby Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) depict an unusual yet very pleasant father and daughter relationship.  Despite being scripted, the show has become “a backstage pass” that also reflects how their portrayers deal with one another in real-life.

“What Miley and I do on Hannah Montana is almost exactly what we do with me being her daddy in real life. I think one of the hooks of the show is the realism between Miley and myself.  We love it,” Billy Ray told OK.

Billy Ray, who serves as Miley’s manager on and off screen, spends a lot of time with her daughter, filming the TV series and going on tour.  He also describes himself as more of a friend-therapist-counselor-psychologist-playmate than a dad.

“My definition of being a father is being a best friend.  That’s what my dad was to me and that’s what I’ve tried to be for my kids.  I’m really good at open communication, whether they’ve got problems of just want to celebrate things they’re proud of.  I’m a really good listener.  I’m a little bit different than the ‘normal dad’ I try to use a little more psychology,” he said.

As a father and a friend, Billy Ray promises to be there for Miley through thick and thin. Nevertheless, he tries to keep her grounded by guiding her and giving her advice.

“My advice to Miley is to have fun, enjoy the ride, be happy and don’t let the business crap overshadow the fact of what you do,” he said.  “If you ain’t having fun, it’s not working.  My dad always said, ‘If you do what you love for a living, then you never have to work a day in your life.’”

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: OK
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Kris De Leon

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