If your child is one of the thousands who are clamoring for a ticket to see Miley Cyrus in her concert this fall and winter, you may have to clear out your bank account to get them a ticket.  The Hannah Montana star’s live show is the hottest ticket in the country.  The only problem is, nobody can get a ticket.  The show sold out soon after tickets went on sale to the public.  Parents were outraged that they were unable to get their hands on them.  They were angry with the pop star, Disney, and AEG Live which runs the tour. Now, they have someone new to blame – brokers.

Brokers have snatched up tickets and are now selling them from anywhere to $200 to thousands of dollars per ticket.  Second row floor seats in Texas will costs you $2,295 on Ticket Liquidator’s website.  StubHub, a popular concert ticket website, is asking for over $3,500 for tickets to a November concert date in Florida.  TicketsNow is offering discounted prices, selling tickets for Miley’s North Carolina show starting at $70 but ranging up to over $1,600.

Pollster’s editor-in-chief Gary Bongiavanni saw this coming a mile away.  “Up to 80 percent of inquiries of tickets come from these brokers,” he said. “The average fan is competing with a pro whose mission is to score these tickets. Fans are at a disadvantage.”

In St. Louis, 1900 tickets were released this weekend at their original prices.  Yesterday, fans with photo IDs and credit cards were able to purchase a ticket to her show in Minnesota.  The October 18 show is the first one for Miley Cyrus before she heads to 53 other cities.  The same procedure is also being used for a December date in Kansas City.

So far, no party has taken responsibility for the scalping situation.  Attorney generals in many states have threatened and filed lawsuits against brokers, but do not accept any part in the problem, despite the fact that scalping is illegal in many states.  StubHub also takes no responsibility, stating that their site takes all kinds of ticket sellers from the average person to the experienced scalper. 

Though AEG Live isn’t doing much to help the situation, president Debra Rathwell had this to say: “We are doing everything possible to stop scalpers from being able to purchase tickets.”  It still doesn’t help get your 4th grader a ticket to see her favorite singer.  For now, the score is scalpers – 1, fans – 0.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
Source: Reuters, CNN, STLtoday.com
(Image courtesy of MileyCyrus.com)

Gina Scarpa

Staff Writer, BuddyTV