When young Laura Marano tells her school friends she’s starring on a FOX TV show, they’d probably assume it was as one of the kids on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Instead, this already accomplished actress stars on the new sitcom Back to You as the daughter of two contentious local news anchors played by Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton.

BuddyTV sat down with Laura to discuss this impressive accomplishment. In addition, the young actress spoke about working with those two sitcom legends, he dedication to the craft, and the fact that she’s finally appearing in a show her friends can actually watch. Below you’ll find the mp3 audio file of the interview, as well as a summary of the highlights.

-Before getting the role, Laura was a big fan of reruns of Cheers, Frasier and Everybody Loves Raymond, so she was overjoyed by the opportunity to work with Grammer and Heaton on Back to You. She’s learned a lot about her craft not through being told what to do, but simply by watching them.

-Laura’s background in theater gives her a fond appreciation of being on a traditional sitcom with a studio audience so she can get the reaction and the laughter only a live crowd can give.

-Her TV resume includes appearances on Without a Trace, The Sarah Silverman Program and Dexter, a show about a serial killer. She enjoys working on those kinds of shows, but the only problem, according to Laura, was that she couldn’t tell her friends to watch since the material was too dark and adult. At one point, some of her classmates didn’t even believe she was an actress, so it’s refreshing to appear in a sitcom on a major network that she can point to as proof that she’s a working actress.

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
(Image courtesy of FOX)

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