How time flies! This week’s installment of Grey’s Anatomy, “Everything I Do, Nothing Seems To Turn Out Right”, did what all good penultimate episodes do. It set things in motion for the season finale. Of course, this being GA,  the season finale usually means disaster is looming and, according to the promo photos, this year is no exception. But before we speculate any further about what next week might bring, let’s review the major developments that have already unfolded.

I Can’t Do This Anymore

While Derek spends most of the episode out-of-town consulting on his brain mapping project, Meredith and Amelia get to know each other a little better. Once again it strikes me that Amelia is being set up as the new “Cristina”. Not exactly, of course. There is only one Cristina Yang. But I could totally see Amelia staying in Seattle and becoming a friend/confidante/sister-in-law hybrid for Mer, who will be really missing her BFF. Anyway, getting back to the storyline at hand, it turns out that Amelia is seriously interested in staying in Seattle. While she loves her fiancee, James, she doesn’t really see a forever with him and vows to break things off ASAP. Meredith is delighted. Amy can take over Derek’s workload. Their mad juggling days are over…except that McDreamy returns home with big news: he and Meredith both have job offers in Washington, D.C. 

I Gave Him The Treatment

Bailey’s treatment of Bubble Boy Braden is so successful that he can be released from the bubble! Of course to do that, Miranda must ‘fess up to the parents that she treated their child without their consent. The parents go bananas and file assault and battery charges against her. Yikes. Owen and Jackson swoop in to try and do damage control but Stephanie is the one who saves the day. She takes the fall for the “mistake” saying that she forgot to tell Dr. Bailey that parental consent had been revoked. The parents (relieved that their child is both alive and well) dropped the charges in exchange for a one-week suspension for Stephanie. Miranda emerged unscathed from the whole debacle and rejoiced that she had saved a child’s life. In the face of that, Ben couldn’t stay mad for too long. All’s well that ends well?

A Good Doctor, But Not A Surgeon

Ever since Jo overheard Owen and Richard saying that a resident would be cut from the program, all of the residents have been freaking out in a major way. Each is convinced that it is their head on the chopping block. As a result, they basically act completely cuckoo the whole day. Jo tries so hard to please both April and Callie that she ends up annoying them both. Shane has a rough day in pediatrics. Leah actually has a brilliant, superstar idea that ends up helping a patient (!), but in the end, it is she who is let down gently by Dr. Webber. She has the makings to be a very good doctor, but not a surgeon. Buh-bye.

I’m in Trouble and I Need Help

Alex Karev blew back into the hospital and immediately starting poaching patients from Arizona, who were none-too-pleased about it. Turns out he was struggling at his new gig and needed more patients to bring in the cash (or something like that, it was pretty convoluted). Anyway, Robbins (who has always been an excellent mentor to Karev) basically told him to stop acting like a jerk. If he needs help, just ask and she will give it to him! That was refreshing.

That Can Be Enough

Early in the episode Jackson and April ran into Callie on the ob/gyn floor of the hospital. Japril spent the episode being adorable again as they tried to keep the news of April’s pregnancy on the down low. That didn’t last, of course. But the twist of the night came when it was revealed (realistically, in my opinion) that following her catastrophic car accident, Callie is unable to bear more children. Arizona tentatively offered to carry a child, given the circumstances, but Callie refused, saying that Calzona was too fragile at this point in their relationship to withstand more pressure. Sofia would be enough. But is this issue truly put to rest?

I Know You Have To Go

Cristina spent the episode interviewing candidates for the Defense Against the Dark Arts Head of Cardio position. Meredith is convinced that Owen is having Cristina do the interviews so she will find fault with all candidates and want the job herself. Cristina counters that first year Attendings don’t get Department Head positions, even if they are Cristina Yang. But Meredith feels like something is coming. She can feel it in her bones. 

Guess what? Meredith was wrong. Despite the completely misleading promo from last week, Owen did not offer Cristina the job or even ask her to stay in Seattle. He knows she needs to move on and accepts that no good would come of asking her to stay. This is the Owen Hunt I love…the man willing to let the love of his life walk away from him, despite the personal cost, because it is right for her. 

He did make one small, last request of Cristina, however. A request so heartbreaking and epically romantic that I shall quote it in its entirety. Swooping in for one of his signature kisses, Owen says,”Just…until you go…don’t leave me until you’re leaving me…just until you go.” Gah! Sigh. 

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, “Fear (of the Unknown),” airs next Thursday, May 15 on ABC.

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Janalen Samson

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