Juliet and Hank are the two other mortals who know about the Grimm world. Each found out in their own unique way and responded in their own unique way because finding out there’s this other world living right with you is not something two people will react to similarly. 
Such is the case with Sgt. Wu. Last week, he was brutally introduced to the Ashwang, and it appeared there will be severe PTSD because of it. This week in “Once We Were Gods,” we see Wu’s status. Does he recover? Will he learn of the truth that his friends and co-workers were trying to hide from him even after he came in contact with the Ashwang?

Finding Support

Seeing the Aswang is just about the worst way to be brought into the situation, the Grimm gang agrees while discussing Wu’s situation. If we first found out about Nick or even Rosealee or Monroe in human form, it would be a gradual process of finding out about everyone’s alter egos and then eventually coming into terms with it. Basically, someone who wasn’t trying to kill him.

Wu’s seeing visions and hearing things in his head, so it doesn’t seem like he’ll ever recover. That is, until Juliet visits him. She is caring and compassionate as she tells him how she experienced a similar situation when she was hospitalized. That afterward, she would see ghosts. In Juliet, Wu is able to see someone who understands what he went through and how’s he’s feeling. He’s also given hope that he will recover — because she did as well.

Gather Around the Fire

The case this week didn’t hold much of my interest especially compared with Wu’s storyline. But it brought the return of Alexander, the Wesen council guy, who comes to Portland to actually solicit Nick’s help. The Wesens wanting help from the Grimm?

There’s a Wesen who’s  wanted by the Council. His killings mean he’ll be held to trial by the Council,but something’s fishy. Nick knows it — and he’s right. The guy has come to steal an ancient mummy that the killer was also after.

There’s an awkward/sweet/funny moment in the car between Nick and Alexander, each sizing each other up, Nick wishing he was let in on the truth, and Alexander admitting he’s a thief.

Then, those two, Hank, Monroe and Rosealee take part in burning it. It’s weird but also nice in the best way possible.

Back to Normal

Wu makes a full recovery, and Nick and Hank are both there when he’s allowed to go home. He no longer sees visions or hear things. What he thought was real, he knows it’s not. Wu leaves happily while Nick and Hank are relieved.

So Wu remains in the dark. Will he, forever though? It’s disappointing that Wu isn’t part of Nick’s inner circle, but how do you tell the guy the truth now or even later — after all that he’s been through?

Miracle Baby

In Austria, Renard’s contact is taken in by their enemies as they try to get information out of them. Meanwhile, Adalind, her caretaker guy (fully admit my attention barely holds in this storyline so details are hard to grasp) and the baby/babies have to escape. Did she have one baby or two?

We’re reminded via flashbacks that during one of her checkups, there were two heartbeats although there’s only one baby. When the guy was returning to where they were temporarily staying, he saw the baby bundled up outside — yet Adalind was inside with the baby the entire time.

So this non-existent second baby can be at two places at once? What the hell kind of baby did she create?

Next week though, it looks like the action will pick up because NIck’s mother, of all people, will make her return and bring her and her baby safely back to Portland — right to Nick’s house. It should be quite the reunion.

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