You know that list of regular everyday things Criminal Minds makes you think twice about doing sometimes? Well, this week’s episode, “Fatal,” is going to add one more item to that list: opening letters. The BAU heads to Long Beach, California, where victims have been found dead from arsenic poisoning. Handwritten death threats and other clues suggest the profilers are looking for an UnSub fascinated with Greek mythology. They’re going to have their work cut out for them with this one.

Meanwhile, Hotch is going to be faced with a personal problem of his own: career day. Jack is back in this episode, and his father has concerns about participating in his third grade career day. Can you blame him? Just take a look at what the team is going to be dealing with in this episode. This job isn’t very kid-friendly.

Check out the “Fatal” promo:

“You have less than a day to live. There is no way to prevent the inevitable,” a victim reads his death letter. The promo is then a bit too dramatic with “and the return address is DEATH.” Another victim receives a letter, but Rossi is hoping to save this one, as he warns her not to eat or drink anything. Really, I wouldn’t do anything except breathe (maybe) until the FBI arrived at my house and escorted me to a sterile room somewhere if I had any inkling about the other deaths (or if, you know, an FBI agent told me not to eat or drink anything). However, it looks like they may be too late, but will she be able to hold off her attacker? The phone dropping indicates no.

Get a closer look at the case in this Criminal Minds sneak peek:

Reid joins Morgan in their conference room for this case, and Morgan has some bad news: a problem with the geo-profile. With that, they turn to their magician, Garcia, to look into the latest victim to try to link her to the other victims. Meanwhile, Reid has realized that the pieces of twine are all different lengths – and it’s by design. He converts inches (25-15-12-19) to centimeters (64-38-31-48), the exact ages of all four victims. He’s beginning to put the pieces together. Anyone else thinking of the Fates?

Criminal Minds airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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