Adalind’s baby is the hot commodity in “The Law of Sacrifice,” as Nick and his mother are on their way to Renard’s — as is an FBI agent who’s working for the royal family (didn’t see that one coming). Who will end up with the baby in the end? Ultimately, will she be safe?

A Close Call

Nick goes up to Renard’s alone, which is a good thing since Renard has armed himself with a gun after Adalind expresses her worry over Nick’s mother. She thinks Nick and his mom are coming for the baby, when in actuality, he wants to offer help — and there are two bad guys being ordered to go up there.

Thankfully, Nick’s mother sees the FBI agent asking about Adalind and the baby, and then she’s able to knock him out — but not kill him. This allows Nick and his mother to chase after the men, and for Nick to give Renard the heads up.

Thanks to Nick and his mother’s combined effort, everyone is able to escape unharmed — and they’re off to Monroe and Rosealee’s because that’s the only place that’s safe.

Coming Together

The Grimm world continues to open up and bring characters who were once separated together for a common cause. In an amusing phone call, Nick has to fill in  Monroe and Rosealee as best he can about what’s happened. Their reaction to Nick’s mother being alive, and that Renard is Adalind’s baby daddy, is entertaining to watch and a reminder that even though we know everything as viewers, that that’s not necessarily the case for the other characters.

After Adalind gets situated at Monroe and Rosealee’s as best as she can under the circumstances, Nick, his mother and Renard make their way to the FBI agent’s home, where we see the side of Renard we rarely see as he tries to get answers about who sent him. 

He and Nick supposedly concoct a plan that isn’t exactly clear until it’s playing out. Renard makes the FBI agent deliver a message to the boss about where Adalind is with her baby. That leads to Viktor and his men coming to Portland all the way from Austria. When they land, Hank is there as surveillance.

Finding A Solution

Viktor knows right away that Adalind and the baby couldn’t possibly be at the warehouse like he was told. So he shows up at the police station to pay a nice visit to his favorite cousin Renard. He threatens Adalind’s life, the baby’s, his — and Renard’s mothers. There’s nowhere to go because if he runs, he’ll be hunted. If he stays, he’ll surely have the baby taken away at a moment’s notice.

The master plan gets underway. At Rosealee and Monroe’s, Nick’s mother gets arrested — for the death of Adalind’s mother. Adalind is called to the police station to give a statement, even though she wasn’t there at all or even know much. But she goes — with baby in tow. At the station, she gives the baby to Renard so she can go to the questioning room. There she finds Nick’s mother.

She goes on about doing what’s right, about sacrificing your baby for safety, just like she had. And that’s when Adalind knows that the same thing is happening to her, without her knowing it. Sure enough, Renard gives the baby up to Viktor, and the men drive away.

The Getaway

Adalind gets all Hexenbiest ragey with her baby gone. It blows out all the windows of the cars parked outside the station. Yikes.

Viktor, the men, and the baby, are ready to board their plane back to Austria when masked men come out of nowhere and demand  the baby, saying they’re with the Resistance. They have no choice but to hand the baby over.

It turns out to be Nick, his mother, Renard, Hank and Monroe! The Scooby Gang saves the day. Monroe had even busted out some pretty convincing German to Viktor.

Eventually, Nick’s mother goes off with the baby to safety.

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