In our latest Casting Bits roundup, we’ve got a lot of big names about to guest star on our favorite shows. For one, there’s Glee star Chris Colfer heading to Hot in Cleveland. And then there’s Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson who are both reprising their Marvel roles on Agents of SHIELD. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Law and Order: SVU, New Girl, Suits, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle and Once Upon a Time.

Chris Colfer going from Glee in New York to Hot in Cleveland: The young actor has a busy year. Not only does he star on Glee, but he’s writing an upcoming episode and preparing for another book release. Now he can add guest star to that list. Next week, he’ll shoot his appearance on the TV Land comedy, according to TVLine. He’ll be playing Victoria Chase’s son, Tony.

Cobie Smulders reprising Marvel role on Agents of SHIELD: If the most recent episode is any indication, fans are in for quite a ride as season 1 comes to a close, which will get even bigger when Smulders returns on April 29 to reprise her role as Maria Hill — a character she played in the pilot, The Avengers and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. TVLine notes that she’ll “play a large role” in the episode, including a reunion between her and Coulson.

Also returning to SHIELD is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. When asked by Vulture if he’d be making any more appearances, he replied, “I did! Last week! I just shot the end-of-the-season show.” SHIELD has been upended by recent events in both the Captain America sequel and the TV show, so how will everything go moving forward? Jackson said that with all these events, “It ties into the TV show. They wanted to tie that up.”

Samantha Mathis accuses Bradley Whitford on Law and Order: SVU: Whitford currently stars on Trophy Wife, but on May 7, we’ll be able to see him play a TV producer named Frank Maddox on the NBC crime drama. His character is being accused by his wife (the two are in the middle of a custody battle) of molesting their young daughter. His wife, Catherine Summers, is being played by the Under the Dome alum, as reported by TVLine.

TV Guide says that they’re not the only guest stars in this episode. Also showing up on Law and Order: SVU are Dallas‘ Emma Bell as Catherine’s sister Rose, who is now Frank’s fiance, as well as Jeffrey Tambor, Ann Curry and Geraldo Rivera.

Oscar Nunez and Kerri Kenney go cruising on New Girl: The former Office and Reno 911 stars are set to show up in the season finale, airing on May 6. When the gang are on a cruise (filmed on location on the Queen Mary), they run into a ship employee (played by Nunez), who doesn’t exactly make Coach feel at ease. And the ship’s captain (Kenney) is a “by-the-books” kind of person, as described by TV Guide, and gets involved in helping Nick and Jess’ relationship.

Michael Gross is a businessman on Suits: Season 3 may be ending on April 10, but looking ahead to season 4 this summer, Gross has been cast as Walter Gillis, who founded a DVD distribution company, but ends up “fending off takeover bids while he tries to keep his business solvent,” according to TVLine. This is a recurring role for the actor.

Kelly McCreary is a surgeon on Grey’s Anatomy: After appearing on Scandal, the actress is moving on to another Shonda Rhimes drama. She’s guest starring in the second to last episode of the season on May 8 as a surgeon who goes on a “flirty bar date” with one of the male doctors. Unfortunately, TVLine is staying tight-lipped about who that male doctor is.

Eddie McClintock playing a hustler on Castle: The actor announced the casting news on Instagram. And TVLine is providing details about his appearance, which will take place in the season finale on May 12, titled “For Better or Worse.” His character is Rogan O’Leary and he’s being described as a small town hustler famous for “lying, cheating and scheming” — oh, and he’s got a “complicated past” with Beckett.

Michael Socha leaves Wonderland for Once Upon a Time: Fans loved the Knave on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, but now that the spin-off has been cancelled, Will Scarlet is hopping on over to the original Once as a series regular in season 4. Entertainment Weekly points out that ABC hasn’t officially renewed OUAT, but once they do (which everyone expects will happen), the actor is, as of right now, the only Wonderland cast member making the move.

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