A couple weeks ago, I gave you guys eight reasons to ship Regina and Robin Hood, and this week I think we definitely need to talk about Emma and Killian (aka Captain Hook). It’s been quite some time since these two met and undeniably shared major chemistry. I’m kind of sad that nothing has really happened so far, except for that kiss. But it was something Emma immediately regretted. After all, Neil was still in the picture. Since I truly believe in Emma and Hook, here are eight more reasons why you should, too: 

1. Emma Clearly Likes Tough Guys

And she should; she’s a tough girl herself. Emma doesn’t need a guy who is too emotional or one-dimensional. Remember the last time she fell for a nice guy? He turned into a monkey and tried to kill her. 

2. Killian is a Pirate

He may be an outlaw, but his profession is pretty bad ass. Plus, he gets to steer the Jolly Roger, an infamous and magical ship that has made it all the way to Neverland and back. Who needs a Corvette when you have that? 

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3. Emma Needs to Let Go of the Past

Although I’m not buying that Neil is gone forever (who knows in Once Upon a Time), I do truly believe that Emma should move on. I know that Neil didn’t mean to frame her and abandon her in jail, but a lot of time has passed since that. The two share Henry, but perhaps a child is not the strongest bond. Plus, if she ends up with Neil, her father-in-law will be The Dark One, and we all know he can be kind of intense. 

4. Hook Can Pull Off Eyeliner

Not many can say the same for themselves. Killian’s smoky-eye look is on point.

5. Emma and Hook are Both Adventure Seekers

Emma may not admit it, but she totally loves leading an exciting life. Hesitant of her role as “Savior” at first, I think she definitely embraces it now. Killian has been all over the realms helping bad guys, fighting bad guys, you name it. Although once a villain, it’s safe to say that Hook ultimately has a good heart.

6. It’s Really Sweet the Way Hook Fought for Emma

Hook really wanted to win over Emma when they were in Neverland, but never once did he play dirty (and he definitely could have with Peter Pan’s help). He wanted to win her heart fair and square, and it’s a shame that didn’t really happen. Give it time, dude!

7. Hook Saved Emma’s Dad

We can’t forget that Hook won some major brownie points when he saved Prince Charming from the poisonous Dreamshade. 

8. Henry and Hook Totally Get Along

They may not be best friends yet, but wasn’t it sweet when Hook took Henry aside to share stories about his dad? Hook didn’t need to do that, but he did. And I think it’s because he truly cares about Emma and her son. 

I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this relationship!

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Gina Vaynshteyn

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV