On this week’s The Secret Circle, Cassie learns of her father’s evil lineage while Jake tries to Machiavelli everyone. That fails, and there leads to a showdown between the witch hunters and the circle.

Cypher This Spell Stuff

The Blackwell family is the origin of dark magic. And guess who happens to be related to this evil, evil magic? Why, our latest blonde lead–Cassie! But she doesn’t find out until later.

Meanwhile, Adam and Diana are officially split and she is looking to move on. Diana’s getting her flirt on with Melissa’s (back after an absence–but she barely pops up in this episode too) cousin.

Dealing with the trauma of last week, Faye is upset with her mother’s cavalier attitude about the deceased grandfather. But Faye, Henry’s murderer, needs to step up her poker face because Faye rejects her attempts at being motherly and basically calls her out on the callousness for being more interested in planning some made-up party.

This semi-somber Faye watches Jake steal something, looking way too interested. Faye understands that she is interested in soulless hunky hipster types, and knows that the appeal of Jake is that there is no appeal to him (other his beauty). Faye joins the list of people suspicious of Jake.

Now, Cassie learns of her relation to the initials J.B. as in John Blackwell, her ‘dead’ daddy. “I’m so stupid for not making the connection.” She admits it!

I’m embarrassed to say that I like Cassie in this scene. Because she is so up on her drama and she’s probably seen enough films to realize that if she just admits her feelings, he’ll admit them back. Granted, I like it because it both puts her ego in check and his rejection makes her more relatable. Of course, he does like her, but he still knocked her down from that high magic horse she sits on.

Faye and Adam conspire for Team Jealous to eliminate Jake from the circle (not like the adults, but just to like confront him–you know, teenage style). I’m surprised they share scenes together (on a side note, there is some bad editing in this scene).

Random, Obligatory Party

I know this show is on the CW, but do we really need some random party here everyone’s dressed up like it is prom and for all the action to happen? Apparently.

Cassie looks good in her red dress (but her hair needs to be up!). Jake crawls back after rejecting her so he can kidnap her. What a normal couple. On an odd note, my roommate noted, Jake looks like Ken. Which would make Cassie a short Barbie! My mind has been blown.

Adam is still into both Diana and Cassie, based off of his leering.

Grandma Jane is still loopy because of Charles and Dawn’s spell. She comments about how Dawn was obsessed with Blackwell. Hmmmm…not so subtle attempts at foreshadowing.

Anyhow, Cassie gets kidnapped. Again. But this time, Jake wants to help save Cassie. Adam doesn’t trust him though. So Jake, Faye and Adam travel to the boat made out of ashwood, repelling the circle from using magic. Adam sneaks aboard, getting Cassie back. But Jake gets stuck on the boat with the witch hunters. They sail away, leaving the others shell-shocked.

Diana and Melissa show up randomly. Probably for the group photo.

The circle must be destroyed. Because Cassie isn’t the only Blackwell in the circle. (Faye is too!).

6 Stray Thoughts in Honor of the Circle

I thought I would put some of my very random and very strange thoughts into this little part as part of my overall thoughts.

1. This show likes using chloroform on its victims. Or the witch hunters do.

2. I have a sneaking suspicion that the chemistry between Adam and Diana is good enough to pop back up for the remaining episodes. I know he is fated with Cassie, but she has better chemistry with Jake and he with Diana. As supporting as I should be for the Cassie and Diana friendship, I think it feels a little forced sometimes.

3. I feel like I should play a game called, ‘Missing Melissa.’ It’s essentially ‘Where’s Waldo’ but with better alliteration.

4. “Don’t play the death card with me.” I love Faye because she is the only character we have seen who calls people on their bull.

5. I think this really helped bring some of the storylines to a close, while still keeping us satisfied for more. I was very relieved that my suspicions that Cassie and Faye are siblings were correct.

6. Oh, that was the mid-season finale. That is a good trailer for the next batch of episodes. See you in January! If you need something to tie you over Executive Producers Andrew Miller and Gale Harold dished on what’s to come in 2012.

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