Episode four of Designated Survivor shows President Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) learning who the real enemy is behind the attack on the Capitol that killed all the cabinet members except one. Potentially dealing with the prospect of war, “The Enemy” is leading to a brewing conflict and domestic issues with those in local power who continue to protest Kirkman’s quick ascension to the role of president. However, President Kirkman continues to prove he is more than capable of holding the highest position of authority in the United States.

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Kirkman Takes on the Governor of Michigan

Michigan Governor Royce is using Kirkman’s poor track record with the American people to reinstate his aborted political acts against Muslims in Michigan, feeling Kirkman is unfit to be president. Emily volunteers to go to the state under siege to represent the White House. She is not greeted with a warm welcome by Governor Royce upon her arrival in Michigan. The governor tells her that President Kirkman and his staff are not welcome in the state. Royce¬† speaks on television, slamming Kirkman to the American people.

Congressman Macleash, the sole survivor of the capitol attack, is seen returning home, as Hannah Wells (Maggie Q) continues to question as to why he was not in his seat when the Capitol building blew up. She wonders if he has more to do with the bombing than he lets on.

Macleash reveals that the reason he was not in his seat is because his wife had texted him at that very moment saying that their toddler daughter had gone missing. Luckily, the child is found unharmed. Macleash is answering his wife’s call, which is why he is not in his seat at the time of the blast. Maggie finds new information that will potentially implicate Macleash.

Kirkman Shows his True Colors

The president can federalize the National Guard to Michigan for assistance, therefore overthrowing the governor’s orders by declaring a state of emergency in the state. Kirkman is worried that if he allows the governor to declare a police state, other states will do so as well. He employs the National Guard to head to Michigan to enforce his power as the commander-in-chief and to assist Muslims under attack in the state.

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Presidential speechwriter Seth Wright (Kal Penn) helps the new White House Press secretary as he faces the press corps for the first time. Failing miserably, the young press secretary flees the podium, allowing Seth to pick up the slack in front of a room of anxious press. Seth is offered the job of Press Secretary after a stellar performance behind the podium. At first he rescinds the offer, but later accepts it.

Al Zakkar is confirmed to be behind the attack on the capitol. The chief suspect behind the criminal attack, Nassar, is being hidden according to General Cochorane (Kevin McNally).

The National Guard shows up in Michigan under the president’s orders. Emily calls the president and hands over the phone to the head of the guard, whose commander refuses his orders to federalize. Emily has a plan to get the governor to come to Washington to speak with the president.

Protestors arrive at the airport and face off against the governor. Emily asks the governor if he will allow a face-off between peaceful protestors and the National Guard to be seen on live television or will he agree to a sit-down with the president?

Kirkman meets with Governor Royce in Washington and the president places him under arrest for treason against the United States for his actions in Michigan. Emily is shocked, believing the two could have had a reasonable discussion regarding the situation in his state.

President Kirkman’s wife Alex (Natascha McElhone) needs help for a delicate situation with an immigration case and asks Hookstraten for her assistance and guidance. Hookstraten reveals she wants something in return for the favor. She befriends Aaron behind the president’s back to manipulate him to suit her own agenda.

In the last moments of the episode, the president is seen declaring war.

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