Paget Brewster made her return to Criminal Minds as a series regular again with the third episode of season 12, and Prentiss easily fit back in with the team, even after an awkward introduction to the new member, Luke Alvez.

Here are five ways “Taboo” showed us why bringing back Prentiss was the right move.

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The Band Is Back Together

CM 1203 band.pngNeed I say more? Criminal Minds has found a way to bring her back time and time again since she left (including when everyone thought Prentiss was dead), in ways that make sense. That’s because the team works so well when she’s part of it.

The Team Could Use All the Help It Can Get

The BAU has a lot on its plate right now: regular cases, escaped serial killers and Hotch on “temporary” assignment.

It’s Like She Never Left

Prentiss seamlessly fits right back in when it comes to working cases, and they don’t have to worry about her being able to do the job or be in the field. She knows what she’s doing, and her time at Interpol only adds to her experience. In fact, her time as unit chief there could come in handy since Hotch is going to be permanently gone …

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Prentiss and Alvez Go from Awkwardly Meeting to Getting to Know Each Other

CM 1203 Alvez.pngThough they don’t exactly get off on the right foot — he comes up behind her while she’s profiling him based on his empty desk — they are able to move past it, thanks to the time they spend together staking out the UnSub’s disposal site. He does a bit of profiling on his own before revealing he was part of the 75th Ranger Regiment, a fact he asks her to keep between them.

JJ, Prentiss and Garcia Going out for Drinks

How could you forget how much fun those three had with that fake FBI agent back in season 2? You have to love the friendship that has developed between them, and now they don’t have to wait until Prentiss happens to be in town to go out for the evening.

Bonus: Anyone Else Want to See Sergio Meet Alvez’s Dog?

CM 1203 dog.png
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