The doctors of Seattle Grace-Mercy West love to get it on — not only in different rooms of the hospital but with each other. Take a look back on the couples still together, whether they’ll last, and why other romances failed.

#21 Cristina and Burke

She lost his baby. He got shot. Then eventually he left her at the altar after feeling betrayed that she blabbed to Webber the fact that she was helping him in all of his surgeries.

#20 Meredith and George

George was in love with Meredith but also knew deep down nothing would be reciprocated. He still hooked up with her in a messy, drunken night, and that was it between them. Thank goodness.

#19 Callie and George

They seemed to have gotten married for all the wrong reasons, and eventually broke up because he cheated on her with Izzie and then eventually admitted he was in love with her.

#18 Izzie and George

When they tried to make their relationship work after George ends his marriage, it was just awkward. There wasn’t much chemistry between them, more of a brother-sister love and they just stayed the best of friends.

#17 Alex and Izzie

I personally only liked this relationship because it made Alex human and brought out his sweet, loving, husband-y side. Although I understand she went through a ton and she left him and broke his heart.

#16 Callie and Hahn

Hahn was Callie’s first, so Hahn will always mean play a huge part in Callie discovering her identity. But Hahn also just got up and left without no note, no call, no nothing. Good riddance.

#15 Callie and Mark

Even though they were nothing more than sexual partners after Callie’s marriage ended, they were the best of friends. Not to mention, had amazing chemistry together. The fact that they raised their child with Arizona as crazy as it sounds, totally worked.

#14 Teddy and Mark

After Lexie left him (as does his daughter and granddaughter) he turned to Teddy for comfort, but she was in love with Owen so it didn’t go anywhere. Teddy also walked in on him with a resident which didn’t help matters.

#13 Alex and Lexie

They sought solace from heartaches — Lexie from Mark and Alex from Izzie — but following the hospital shooting, everything was tense between these two (he got shot, she had breakdowns from it) and he pretty much just walked out on her.

#12 April and Alex

He made her cry. They fought. He yelled at her when she tried to take things slowly. But she really, really cared about him, and we were all expecting Alex to be less of a jerk. I’m not completely shutting the door on these two because now with April’s sexual awakening of sorts, will she try to pursue something she never did before?

#11 Bailey and Eli

Bailey was seeing Eli when she was trying to move past the horrific hospital shooting. It was fun and different, but she also realized there wasn’t a future between them — and rekindled her relationship with Ben, instead.

#10 Derek and Rose

He briefly dated his scrub nurse, which was never believable or interesting.

#9 Lexie and Jackson

Their romance blossomed when Mark got Callie pregnant. But eventually, Jackson chose Mark over Lexie as he wanted a career in plastics. I don’t think anyone complained.

#8 Lexie and Mark

They kinda wasted a lot of precious time they could’ve had together when he “chose” his babies — twice — over Lexie. Even though they’ve passed, at least they know they’re soulmates, and we have to believe they’re somewhere happy and together now.

#7 Webber and Catherine Avery

A one-night stand during last year’s boards have turned into a few more. But will they last is the bigger question? I just like seeing Webber happy, and the dynamic between him and Jackson now is amusing, so I’m all for it.

#6 Bailey and Ben

From the “Nazi” to “Booty Call Bailey,” she has come such a long way! Although they had a brief separation, they work — even with a long-distance relationship and now engagement — because he brings out a side of her we as viewers haven’t gotten to see as often.

#5 Alex and the Nurses and Interns

There have been too many to count over the years, but if anyone falls under the nurse or intern category, watch out because Alex will come hitting on you.

#4 April and Jackson

She threw her good girl title out the window when she gave up her virginity to Avery, and it’s made her question her faith. Now that she’s back from farm life, and they’ve rekindled the fire. They’re good together because he likes her craziness, which in turn makes her seem less so.

#3 Cristina and Owen

Ever since he saved her from from an icicle, these two seem made for each other. Even with their fair share of ups and downs, we were rooting for them to make it. But with the abortion, his infidelity and her moving to Minnesota — can they?

#2 Arizona and Callie

For a moment it seemed as if one of the fan favorite couples would not be able to withstand Arizona losing her leg. But these ladies are strong, love each other and have been put through the ringer in the past. There’s just too much history between them for their relationship to completely end.

#1 Meredith and Derek

They’ve come together so far since their one-night stand back in season 1. The beginnings of their relationship were a complete roller coaster, but now they’re married and adopted a kid. No matter what happens like Derek possibly unable to perform surgeries anymore, they’re the couple and can work through anything.

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