After last weeks shocking Grey’s Anatomy many fans cannot wait to find out what Meredith’s fate is, and they don’t have to!  The word is out, will Meredith be brought back, or will Grey’s Anatomy be undergoing a major name change (Izzie’s Anatomy?)  Read on to find out what the conclusion is to Grey’s Anatomy’s three part shocker!

Yes, if you didn’t already, it is true:  Meredith Grey, the lead of Grey’s Anatomy, who the show is named for, died in last weeks episode.  It is not entirely surprising that Grey’s Anatomy played the ‘death of a major character’ card last week,  it seems to be a sweeps month tradition amongst top ten shows these days, but it was shocking to some folks that it was Meredith who died.

Now, if you’re like me, it is predictable that Meredith will be brought back.  It is practically spelled out for us in the title of February 22nd’s Grey’s Anatomy “Some kind of Miracle”,  but the death dance isn’t over yet.  ABC tried to cover the predictability of this angle by saying that at the end of Some kind of Miracle, somebody is definitely still going to be dead.

One thing can be said for sure,  that one person will definitely not be Meredith Grey.  Sources as wide as Kristin at E!Online, Michael Ausiello, and Spoilerfix all have Meredith being hauled back from the stony lonesome in next weeks episode.  The permanent death, according to Kristin, will be Meredith’s mom Ellis Grey (Kate Burton).  Ellis has been more prominent in Season three of Grey’s Anatomy than the previous seasons, particularly during sweeps month, so it is entirely believable they are building her up

is anybody really surprised that Meredith will be brought back?  Give us your comments below, and be sure to visit our all new REVAMPED Grey’s Anatomy forums!

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