Although many deem the Grissom-Sara love affair to be a significant contributing factor for the intriguing yet forced plot of the show, the couple’s fans might need to say goodbye to their on screen romance. Although it hasn’t been confirmed or denied by CBS, many speculate that Jorja Fox, actress who plays Sara Sidle on Crime Scene Investigation, will be leaving the Emmy Award-winning CBS television series. According to TV Guide, Fox’s contract is up to next month and that she may not renew for the next season.

“Her leaving makes perfect sense. She’s been there for seven years, she’s made a ton of money, and it allows the show to resolve the Sara-Grissom thing,” a source close to the show told TV Guide.

Fox, a 38-year old native of New York, attended Melbourne High School. Prior to her inclusion on Crime Scene Investigation, she appeared in movies like Velocity Trap, Food for the Heart and on television shows like The West Wing and ER.

Fox’s exit on the show hints on a cliffhanger although it remains to be ambiguous at this point. According to the Chicago Tribune, the nightshift CSI level 3 materials and elements analyst will go missing in CSI’s season finale, which will be aired on Thursday, May 17. The remaining three episodes will show Grissom as he focuses his attention on both his love and his Miniature Killer. Others speculate that this will also force open the secret relationship of Sara and Gil Grissom, played by William Petersen. In line with this, CBS remains to be silent about the news, as it will spoil the impact of the episode.

Whether the buzz is true or not, fans will just have to wait and see. Stay glued to CSI, every Thursday at 9 PM ET/PT on CBS.

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