After the heartache that was last episode, we needed a somewhat lighter installment of Grey’s Anatomy this time around. Happily, “The Great Pretender” delivered in spades as truths were revealed and relationships were forged. “Everybody has something to hide,” Meredith intoned in the voice over. And how.

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Secrets and Lies

The episode opened with Meredith returning from Washington, D.C. Or at least that’s what everyone (including we, the audience) were led to believe. Callie immediately inquired how long it had taken Meredith and Derek to “get freaky.” Maggie, however, pressed for details in any entirely different way. In fact, she finally confronted Mer with the truth. Dr. Grey didn’t spend the weekend with Derek, because Derek called Meredith at home three times and Maggie covered for her. Maggie didn’t judge but also didn’t want to be caught in the middle. So what gives?

After hiding behind a wall of typical Meredith resistance, Mer finally came clean with Maggie. She didn’t go to D.C. to visit Derek. Afraid that he wouldn’t want to see her or that things would go badly, she watched the plane take off and then spent the entire weekend alone in a hotel near the airport. For three days, she wasn’t a doctor or a wife or a mom. And she loved it. Maggie understood. So did Alex, to whom Meredith also later confessed. But here’s the rub. She doesn’t know yet what’s going to happen between her and Derek. Ruh-roh.

She’s Stealing Furniture

Nicole Herman continues to be my Most Improved Character of the season. Maybe it’s the brain tumor growing, but Herman’s personality is evolving in very interesting ways. She’s no longer dour and grim. Instead, she’s flirting with Chief Hunt (in a priceless scene… poor Owen!), acquiring sofas left and right, and teasing protegee, Arizona, mercilessly. And I love it. Not only do I love Nicole but I love Arizona more than I have in, well, ever. So help me. Amelia better find a way to save Herman’s life. Because I need her on this show. She gets all the best lines. 

You’ve Got Game

As Callie laments her lack of game to Owen, he responds that she should just be honest with people. That’s what romantic prospects find appealing. She can’t argue and, really, who could? Listening to Owen ramble on about how he became a trauma surgeon is all kinds of hot. Guess who else has the hots for Dr. Hunt? No, not Herman. She was just messing with him. Try again. That’s right! Amelia. After a little hospital flirting during the work day, she pays him a visit at the trailer which ends in a kiss. And as much as I loved Owen with Cristina, she’s gone. I kind of wanted to hate Owen with Amelia just on principle, but I can’t. Because they’re cute together and because they both have had a rough time of it. Maybe they can bring each other some happiness. Heaven knows they deserve it.

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In Other News

*Ben Warren was distressed to discover that his brother, Curtis, was transitioning to become a woman named Rosalind. Miranda was more supportive of her brother-in-law.

*Catherine scrubbed in on Richard’s surgery to prolong her stay in Seattle. But when it was revealed to be a ploy to gain intel on Jackson and April, Richard felt used and Jackson felt smothered.

*Both Stephanie and April were MIA this episode, but Jo kept walking around naked, to the delight of some and the distress of others.

*Callie finally got back on the horse, flirting and dancing with a guy at Joe’s bar.

Memorable Quotes

“It’s like Residents Gone Wild!” – Arizona

“Do you live with residents? You’re a grown up. Get your own place.” – Dr. Herman

“Is this the Attendings Lounge couch?” – Chief Hunt to Dr. Herman

“He waxes his eyebrows. And I’d kill to have eyebrows like that.” – Miranda, voicing her suspicions about Curtis to Meredith 

“I want to be here for you. But I like Derek.” – Maggie to Meredith

“Last year she got handsy. HR got involved. There are policies now.” Alex to Dr. Herman about Arizona

“Is that a rule? No co-workers?” – Amelia to Owen

“Didn’t say that. I like co-workers.” Owen to Amelia

“Which one was it? Which resident did you sully?” Dr. Herman to Arizona

“And here I thought you were no fun at all.” Dr. Herman to Arizona

“I want to be clear. I am in no way endorsing narcotics as a dating aid.”- Amelia to Callie

“Okay. I’m pretty sure what you just described is stalking.” – Jackson to his mother, Catherine, after she recommends giving April the illusion of space while staying just out of sight.

“I’m not cheating on my husband.” – Meredith to Maggie

“My life is so much better now that I have nothing.” – Nicole Herman

“I’m going to kiss you now.” – Owen to Amelia

“Where’s Pierce? What is she? Morning shift? And I get nights?” – Alex to Meredith

“I’m going to marry that girl.” Alex about Jo

“I don’t want to leave him. But I definitely don’t want to be with him right now.” – Meredith on Derek

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