Last time on The 100, Mount Weather sent a missile at the Grounders while Clarke and Lexa escaped. Clarke’s been making increasingly controversial decisions on The 100, but is it worth it to beat Mount Weather and save their friends? Maybe we’ll find out on The 100′s “Resurrection.”

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Clarke’s Sacrifice

Clarke goes back to see all the damage from the missile at the beginning of “Resurrection.” People are screaming and running in agony. Even a horse is on fire, which is devastating. A woman falls to the ground holding her arm.

Lexa pulls Clarke out of her trance though. Clarke’s upset that she could have warned them, but Lexa says that “victory stands on the back of sacrifice.” Clarke says she wants all of the Mountain Men dead.

The Next Attack

Meanwhile, Abby’s gone back to help the injured. She can’t help one girl, so they have to move on. Octavia and Lincoln are helping too. Octavia says she’s sure Clarke’s OK and they’ll find her, but Abby already knows the truth. Lincoln saves Indra from the wreckage without much gratitude on Indra’s part. But suddenly, she’s shot. More shots start ringing out. They’re being attacked again.

And Indra’s refusing to let Lincoln help her. Pretty soon the Grounders start blaming the sky people. “You are the bringers of death,” a Grounder tells Octavia. Beneath the rubble, Abby notices someone’s alive. It’s Kane, making noise so someone will notice and save him.

They keep getting shot at, and Lincoln carries Indra away. They’re running for their lives, but Abby needs to go down to save Kane. Lincoln decides to go to the shooter, but tells Octavia she needs to stay with Indra and Nyko. Indra, meanwhile, tells Octavia to save her people and make the others listen to her. They can’t do anything until the shooter’s taken care of though.

Taking Down the Shooter

Clarke realizes that the spotter’s the one shooting. He was supposed to make sure that Lexa and Clarke were dead, so he can’t tell Mount Weather they’re alive. Lexa wants to move on, but Clarke says she’s going to go kill him.

Lexa says that Clarke needs to focus. Nothing’s personal and everyone does what they can to survive. Killing the shooter won’t make her feel better. Winning the war will. Suddenly, they see someone running in the distance. It’s Lincoln. He had his own mission to kill the shooter. He’s pretty surprised to see them, but assures Clarke that there are survivors, including Octavia.

They keep heading up the mountain, but the shooter sees them, and starts shooting. Clarke distracts him while Lincoln runs and attacks. They fight and Lincoln almost kills him, but the shooter uses something they use on Reapers.

He holds Lincoln and tells Clarke to drop her weapon. Lincoln says to kill him because her people need her to. “You are my people,” she says and shoots Lincoln through the shoulder, killing the shooter. Lincoln’s okay, but when Lexa asks if it made her feel better, she says no.

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Saving Kane

While the others ran off, Abby crawled through the rubble to find Kane. And he is not looking too good. She promises to get him out, but we all know it won’t be that easy. She can’t even move the beam on top of him. Plus, there’s someone else there crying, but Abby refuses to leave him. 

She’s not having much luck though. Kane’s femoral artery is lacerated. Kane tells Abby she needs to find Clarke, but again, Abby knows the truth. Suddenly, even more rubble falls on them.

Abby wakes up. Kane wouldn’t wake up at first, but he finally does. Abby says this is her fault because “she’s my daughter.” Abby confesses that Clarke knew what was going to happen. She asks how Clarke could do something like this, but Kane says Clarke grew up on the Ark and learned from them. They executed people for stealing medicine and food. Abby even floated her husband to save her people. “We have to answer for our sins, Abby,” Kane says. Abby’s not sure they even deserve to survive now.

In the end, Kane falls asleep and won’t wake up. Abby gets the fallen rubble off of her and drags herself to him.

Octavia’s New Role

Meanwhile, Octavia steps up as her group’s leader and starts planning to fight back and dig through the rubble. Her ideas aren’t working, but then she throws a bottle of liquor and starts a fire so the shooter can’t see her. Then she makes a run for it and the others follow and they start digging through the rubble.

They finally hear a horn. It’s Lincoln announcing the shooter’s dead. Now they need to keep working to get the others out. 

People from Camp Jaha come because they saw the missile and came to help. So they help get through the rubble to save Abby and Kane and they do. It didn’t look like he was going to make it, but even Kane’s okay! 

Jasper vs. Mount Weather

Back at Mount Weather, Jasper, Monty and the others are preparing for battle and barricading themselves in. They took the level, but now they need to hold it.

Some of the guards attacking aren’t wearing hazmat suits, which means they’re cured and the bone marrow treatments worked. They get in pretty quickly and throw something to make all the kids pass out. But they play dead. They get up and attack. Soon, the guards have to retreat! But they took one of the kids. Jasper wants to go for her, but they can’t. There’s one guard still struggling, though, and Jasper kills him in cold blood.

Maya to the Rescue

The guards drag the girl to take her bone marrow. She almost escapes until she runs into a man who points a gun at her. But he shoots the guards instead. It’s Bellamy! And he brought Maya.

They take her to Maya’s place. Her dad’s there and he’s not happy. She says she’s doing what her mom would have done. Maya’s parents were part of a movement that refused outsider blood and her mom died because she refused the treatments. Maya wants to be like them. Finally, her dad agrees, but just for one night. He pulls Bellamy aside and warns him that Mount Weather will never stop.

Maya and Bellamy plan to get guns to Jasper and the others and realize they can use the trash shoot. “You’re a natural born revolutionary,” Bellamy says. Her mom was the revolutionary, though; she just wants to do what’s right. Unfortunately, Cage and some guards stop her.

Jasper’s Choice

Jasper’s planning for the next attack, but Cage takes Maya hostage. He puts her in a suit without enough oxygen. They can save her if they surrender. Maya tells Jasper her plan with Bellamy, but Monty messed with the trash shoot. He can fix it though. Jasper promises he won’t let Maya die, and she says she won’t let him surrender.

Maya’s running out of time, but Bellamy crashes through the trash shoot and he, Maya and Jasper escape. Maya makes it just in time. Then her dad comes in. He’s joining the cause and they all hug. Bellamy says that Clarke’s coming with an army of Grounders, but won’t tell Jasper about Finn.

The Revolution

The (new) President and the guards storm in, but all the kids are gone. “Find them,” Cage says. The kids come out and need to figure out what to do. Bellamy wants to split up, but who’s going to help them now that they know about Maya? It’s okay. They have a plan. Maya and her dad brought a whole group of revolutionaries to help. 

Bellamy has to leave on his own, because they still don’t know he’s infiltrated Mount Weather, but he promises Jasper and Monty that “war is coming.” I can’t wait.

Preparing for War

Lincoln shows up back at the village, and Octavia runs to him. Clarke and Lexa show up too. The Grounder’s start chanting, and Lexa promises that the dead will be avenged. But Abby says that they have more work to do to save the others in the wreckage. Lexa looks to Clarke and says they’re going to win, but at what cost?

Even Indra’s okay. She says she wants to be part of the fight. She tells Octavia she did well, saving lives. Next, she’s going to take them. Then, she makes peace with Lincoln. Octavia tells Clarke she’s glad she’s okay and Clarke, says it back before Octavia goes back to Indra. 

Then, Abby tells Clarke they need her help, but Clarke can’t stay. They’re leaving for war. The sniper wasn’t using a hazmat suit, which means the bone marrow treatment works. So if they don’t hurry, all of her friends will die. First, Abby reminds Clarke not to forget that they’re the good guys and says goodbye. Then they head off to war, with fierce determination in their eyes. This is going to be epic.

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on the CW.

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