There have been some big episodes on Glee this season, from the big two-hour premiere to a Burt Bacharach tribute to Coach Beiste returning as Sheldon. Now it’s time for a wedding! We’ve seen a handful of weddings on Glee before, and the next episode, titled “A Wedding,” will see Santana and Brittany getting married.

Even though we’ve seen the two of them together and apart over the years, it seems like this storyline is being rushed now that they’re engaged, since the show is ending soon. But regardless, it’s bound to be a great episode with two of our favorite characters. According to the official synopsis, “The members of New Directions are busy at work planning, planning and planning, while Sue encourages everyone to follow their hearts.”

There are only four songs being performed in this episode: Etta James’ “At Last,” OutKast’s “Hey Ya!” The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited” and Ruby & the Romantics’ “Our Day Will Come” (also covered by Amy Winehouse).

We’ll get to see a duet between Mercedes and Artie, and a fun group performance at the wedding by the guests led by Artie with Jane and Madison. Also, Brittana and Klaine will team up for a performance.

But the most interesting one is not between any of the students. Some of the alumni will be teaming up with four of the parents for a song. The parents include Santana’s mother Maribel Lopez, played by Gloria Estefan, Brittany’s mother Whitney Pierce, played by Jennifer Coolidge, Blaine’s mother Pam Anderson (Gina Gershon) and Finn’s mother (Kurt’s step-mother) Carole. They’ll be joined by The Troubletones (the glee club featured in season 3) — Santana, Brittany, Mercedes and Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies).

I can understand seeing Brittany and Santana’s parents getting up to perform since it’s their children who are getting married, but why would Blaine’s mom and Kurt’s step-mother be involved? Could there be somehow be a double wedding? It wouldn’t exactly be realistic to have them tie the knot right away after everything they’ve been through this season with being apart, but this is Glee after all, and stranger things have happened. Adding to that, one of the songs is being performed by Brittana and Klaine.

This is all speculation, of course; maybe the parents just want to have some fun at the wedding and perform. We’ll have to tune in on Friday to find out.

Listen to all four songs below:

“At Last” — Mercedes and Artie

“Hey Ya!” — Artie with Jane, Madison and the wedding guests

“I’m So Excited” — Maribel, Whitney, Pam, Carole and The Troubletones

“Our Day Will Come” — Brittany, Santana, Kurt and Blaine

Which Glee cover from “A Wedding” is your favorite? What do you think of the parents performing? And are you looking forward to seeing Sugar again?

Glee airs Fridays at 9pm on FOX.

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