Full disclosure, Grey’s Anatomy fans. I found this week’s installment to be underwhelming at best and downright weak at worst, which is a shame since GA had been on such a roll for the second half of the season. Still, there were a few nice moments in what was basically a jumbled mess and I’m hopeful that things will rebound for the final batch of episodes as we say “Farewell to Cristina.” In the meantime, let’s recap “Go It Alone”.

Man of Steel

Does Derek Shepherd think he’s Superman? Because that’s what would be required to handle McDreamy’s current workload. There’s his government-backed (and funded) research project. There’s teaching the residents. There’s performing neurosurgery. Oh! And there’s his wife (who has her own research and surgical schedule) and their children. Too many things to do. Too little time. Derek is burning the candle at both ends and in the middle. Although he manages to pull things together for one all-nighter, Derek realizes (and Meredith heartily concurs) that something’s gotta give. But what?

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The Honeymoon is Over

Speaking of give and take, the newly married April and Jackson should take a page from MerDer’s book and actually have a rational discussion. But that is not to be. The fight starts innocently enough. Drs. Kepner and Avery treat a deaf girl whose parents reject Jackson’s suggestion of a cochlear implant for their daughter. April supports their choice while Jackson sees it as ridiculous. In a related aside, I will say that the writing was particularly heavy-handed in this storyline. Anyway, when April extrapolates the difference of opinion onto their own situation (suggesting that Jackson substitute prayer or Bible study or faith, for example, for “cochlear implant”), the whole thing blows up in their faces. 

April reiterates that her faith is at the core of who she is. Jackson retorts that her God doesn’t exist. He believes in science, in medicine and in helping people. April’s response is interesting. While she wants Jackson to respect her views (and not merely tolerate them), her larger reaction is one of sadness and pity because he is incapable of having deep faith. Jackson is stunned by this (now both of them are offended) and by episode’s end, April is on Calzona’s doorstep asking if she can stay with them for awhile. Yikes.

Heads or Tails?

Speaking of Calzona, remember last week when Callie and Arizona decided to have another baby? Well, this week they started working through the specifics. Long story short, Callie assumes she’ll bear the child because Arizona wouldn’t want to because of the miscarriage last year. Arizona says she might have changed her mind. They decide to flip a coin. Heads, Callie will carry the baby. Tails, Arizona will do the honors. But in the middle of the coin flip, Arizona realizes that she wants Callie to be the one who gets pregnant. Which is what Callie basically suggested in the first place. Whatever.

The Evolution of Cristina Yang

Remember the Cristina Yang of days gone by? The one so driven and ambitious that, despite her brilliance (or maybe because of it), the patient always seemed to be a means to an end? That Cristina is, largely, a thing of the past. True, she can still be hyper-focused, arrogant, and snarky (she’s matured, not been body-snatched by aliens). But the Cristina Yang in the present cares deeply about her patients. Enough to dive in and do whatever it took to save two members of the Heart Catastrope Family. Again. Enough to step beyond the medicine and act personally on their behalf and in their best interest. Another Aside: I’m sorry, but Cristina was totally acting like a mom in that scene with the kids. Not saying she’ll ever change her mind and want kids of her own (and that’s fine…chill!), but for anyone to say she wouldn’t be a good mom? Ridiculous. 

Anyway, the two best scenes of the episode revolved around Cristina and her journey to the Harper Avery Awards Ceremony in Boston. First, there was a scene at Grey Sloan Memorial when The Big Three (Meredith, Cristina, and Alex) reminisced and bonded as they tried to recall the last all-nighter they had pulled together. Ten years in, it’s scenes like this that make the show for me. They are the “A” team. And, seriously, how can MAGIC be thisclose to just being MA? It’s too much sometimes. Oh, my heart! 

Second, Cristina sticks to her guns and goes to Boston all alone. Incredulous Aside: Who turns down Owen Hunt’s offer of companionship and “room service”? Yang needs her head examined. But I digress. Once she’s in the lobby of the event pressing the flesh, Cristina has a change of heart. She calls Meredith and laments that neither Mer nor Owen are there to share the evening with her. Good thing for Cristina that her Best Friend and the Love of Her Life (aka Her People, that’s right, PLURAL) ignored her and came anyway. They’re waiting for her at the table. Yay! So great. Especially since Cristina loses the award.  Ack! Now what?

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Change of Heart”, airs Thursday, April 24 on ABC.

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