Greetings, Grey’s Anatomy fans! Let’s begin with a brief survey. Hands up if you actually believed that the new “non-fraternization” policy at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in last week’s mid-season premiere was going to be effective. Seeing no hands raised, I will go on to state the obvious: banning romantic relationships in this workplace isn’t going to fly. In fact, the new rule of law is going to have all sorts of interesting repercussions, beginning in tonight’s “You Got To Hide Your Love Away”.  And to that I say, “Bring on the sexy times!”, for without them there is no show. 

The Panty Police

As the workday began, Chief Hunt announced the new hospital policy. Relationships between equals are discouraged. Relationships between those of unequal rank are strictly forbidden. As one can imagine, this news went over like a lead balloon. Jo was particularly distraught, so much so that she and Alex engaged in a very public knock-down, drag-out breakup, which turn out to be (as I expected) all for show. They decided to sneak around anyway, which led to one of the episode’s best scenes as Jolex encountered Japril (who were still keeping their marriage a secret) in the supply closet only to be discovered by Dr. Webber. “This isn’t what it looks like!” Classic. 

Work As A Team! 

Richard drew the short straw and spent the day with the residents dealing with the angsty fallout from the Anonymous Complaint. But that’s okay because if there’s one thing Richard loves it’s working with students.  He gave them the assignment to do research in hopes of saving a critically ill patient who has a rare condition in which she gets cancer after cancer after cancer. They found a solution (in record time) but to no avail: the patient bled out on the table. Cue sad resident faces. They were pretty bummed, but felt a new sense of camaraderie, even with Ben! In semi-related news, it eventually came out that Leah (as I suspected), not Stephanie, was the one to complain to HR. Jo was furious, but Stephanie expressed her admiration. Leah was able to do something Stephanie didn’t have the courage to do. Meanwhile Shane (!) rose up and made a stand. This surgical program is a gift that should not be squandered. Forget your love lives and focus, people! Or not. 

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Here We Go Again

And by “we” I mean Cristina and Owen and by “again” I mean the aforementioned sexy times. After an  early scene of Owen in bed with Emma (My eyes! My eyes!) in which they decided to move in together, my Crowen-loving heart was near the breaking point. Imagine my surprise when Cristina showed up at Owen’s trailer, bearing a bottle of wine “swiped” from Derek’s stash to congratulate him on the good news. Right. As luck would have it, Emma wasn’t there and quicker than you could say “curtain rod” Cristina and Owen were having a heart to heart about valances (thank you, Cristina’s mom) which led to a roll in the hay trailer. Oh, my. Things just got interesting.

The next morning Owen and Emma talked about seeing houses and having children (to which I say, “You haven’t discussed children before now? Seriously? When Owen and Cristina broke up over her NOT wanting kids? Really?). However, Owen neglected to mention that he’d slept with his ex-wife (and one true love) the night before, lying by omission. Not good. By evening, Cristina admitted to Meredith that being with Owen again was like coming home. And Owen, having apparently searched for his soul the whole day, broke up with Emma, which was the decent thing to do. Still, despite my Crowen-loving heart now doing somersaults, common sense says that the issues between Cristina and Owen are still there, right beside the love and the passion. Where is this leading?

In Other News…

MerDer have been fighting over career-related stuff but called a temporary truce when Derek was appointed to head the President’s project on brain research. Meanwhile, MerTina was finally on the road to recovery, thank goodness. It was getting to be too much to have the BFFs at each other’s throats all the time. 

Speaking of which, Calzona seemed to be on-the-mend as well (houses, rings, etc.) , but am I the only one waiting for the other shoe to drop? And the other shoe’s name is Leah?

Finally, I’m going to just come right out and say it: Japril is adorable. I’m sure their bliss will be short-lived. This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all. But they have won me over completely and I’m going to just enjoy their happiness while it lasts. Kind of like I’m going to enjoy both Cristina Yang and Crowen while the getting is good. With only ten more episodes with Sandra Oh, it’s time to seize the day.

The next all-new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Throwing It All Away” airs next Thursday on ABC


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